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(line 79 of /home/socsci/uci/galaxy-dist/lib/galaxy/jobs/runners/cli_job/ on, to have Galaxy submit the jobs to Comet under that allocation. (Of importance: the ‘ucissg' user on Comet must be on the allocation for this to work—as far as I can tell, the ucissg user on Comet is not currently on any active allocations). I don’t, however, have any real time to spend on this. So, when you (or someone else) can let me know the name of an active allocation that 'ucissg’ is on, on Comet, I’ll go ahead and put that in the code. Eric Blau The CoSSci / Galaxy is working again all the best, Doug


Ryan Salmasi et al -- delete after a few months

Sanjay Guptt changes his mind on Medical Marijuana

Stuart Martin - Eric Blau

-- Eric Blau -- Stuart Martin

Stuart Martin Globus toolkit



  • Robert K Stevens "Hank" <>
  • Henry Yen at 824-5476 (
  • Jon Nilsson <> (949) 824-1536 or 949 824 5476 group
  • Russ Trapp ?? March 2017
  • Ahmad Bentley 949 491 0585 --
  • Marylyn Thompson 531 7767
  • Amber Johnson <> Amber L. Johnson
  • Margot 508 674 4287 M 508 846 8145 beh mod emo bigger marg mode not want to ... di ... rational
  • Lucy Cantril White (or messenger) --- [https://www.messenger
  • Laurent Tambayong Arlene Rulan 626 354 1853 -- Laurent 310 980 6340. I am so sorry. Check out time. Sleeping out awhile waiting for the filter units and randomly, as usual, i m in a breakthrough abdominal pain. I couldn't lift and lying down in pain with my phone silence (I do that when in pain. Sorry again). Then Phone was in my pocket and I helped Arlene as much as I can. Still in a breakthrough pain. Rare. Usually 1/2 day. Maybe moving back extra pressure. 5 GIs couldn't find anything. This last one is the top of the pyramid. He keeps checking from all unusual angles but he wants to Disability Retirement me. "You clearly can't t teach by September (mid August actually). Go to HR. Start the process. This is already March." He hasn't given up but needs to protect his patient. I am scheduled for Fall 2017 or I'll be kicked out. I have kept the dept in blind for year. I shut my csuf email. HR said last year, it is not necessary to contact them. HR will manage it. HR is fiercely being on my side all the way. I ll just wait for the forms, they need calPERS green light first.

That doctor got me a permanent lifelong handicap tag 2 months ago. He looks stoic but really cares.

Sorry to you and Liliyan. We are grateful but in a sudden bad situation. I called you just to break the bad news about the unfortunate q-exponential survivability. If I can finish that one. There is one more data driven support for that. It is Carley's team data mining from a free source. She can't claim copyright. I use q-exp tech. Zero about that in her methods and I am the cleaner and maker of the networks. It is all my work thus her silence in the past. I just give her and ONR of USN thanks. I hopes more in the future was my plan. I think Israel SF was impressed by my wide spectrum published technics of analysis using the same data. Classic micro level SNA, mid level stability given the possible variations, macro level q-exp. I am still confident that combinations of those 2 variables measure beyond stability, they are predictive. My fitting results' 2 parameters are consistent to our paper's results. This really causes the disappointment of both sides. I miss data. They miss potentially critical analysis of sustainability and survival.

I didn't expect to accept such kindness. Lilyan needs to be informed about the misscalls, please. She has a strong motherly tough-but-care character that I gratefully appreciate. I don't wish to agitate her. I am sorry I must stop. pain. likely bad sentences, too.

DBS120005UC Complex Social Science.docx The SDSC time you are asking for is on Comet. That’s where the job runs. UCI hosts the machine with the gateway server. That server sends jobs to Comet.

  • Yes, you have to ask for the SDSC time every year. Your time runs out on 3/13. The deadline for getting a request in for 4/1 start was Jan 15. I’m sure I sent a note about that previously. Why don’t you send Ken Hackworth (, who runs the allocations process a note and ask what the best path forward is? You’re not using a lot of time, but you want to have it available continuously so the gateway isn’t interrupted. I would ask Ken about future deadlines and put them on a calendar with a reminder system. Nancy
  • Ken Hackworth (, who runs the allocations process. Missed Jan 15 2017. When is the next data for a request for startup?
  • Emailed Ken 23rd Feb - when is next time for a request for startup?
  • Sinkovits, Robert <> Robert Sinkovits 337 1039 (377 1055?) -- (858) 822 0995 --
  • Silvy Achankunju has readied our chapters (Wiley Companion to Cross-Cultural Research) to go the Wiley book publisher, Joe White. Past March 15, will continue for use by researchers? Call Jon Nilsson: will the VM farm continue to run after March 15?
  • Harry Mangalam <> 949 285-4487 (contact instead): The 'location' of your server is that it's a Virtual Machine on one of UCI's VM farms. Jon: The VM farm that Harry Mangalam is referring to is a great place to have a server. It is a very reliable virtual machine infrastructure similar to AWS, but hosted exclusively on-campus in UCI OIT's data center.
  • I'm not quite sure what it is you would like to setup... you mention "DEf01f" which is one of the links on the left side bar of your galaxy instance. (But I'm not sure what you mean by "cross-cultural analyses".)** If you have a new tool or workflow that you'd like setup on our server, then you'd have to contract with Francisco Lopez <> 1 949 824-8818 who can give more information should it be needed, re: size/OS/physical location of the VM farm should you need it. To get that done Jonathan Nilsson and Harry Mangalam can help.
  • Best, Jon Nilsson <> (949) 824-1536 or 949 824 5476
    • Cross-cultural analyses involves several databases, each for a sample of world societies that have common numbers of variables per society and a code for each variable. The codes form a rectangular set of variables, societies by variables. "DEF01f" is a computer program at intersciwiki that allow users or students to choose a database, examine a codebook for the dataset, choose a "dependent variable" from "DEF01f", then independent and additional variables, run the program, chose a map that locates societies in the "model", execute the program, see which independent variables predict the dependent variable, if any, and select to view relevant maps using the variable(s) in the model.
  • The results of the analysis will test for predictors of the dependent variables and show selected maps of locations of variables.
  • Tanya Mcmullin, Associate Editor, Social Sciences, John Wiley & Sons. Wiley Book]]
  • Joe White - publisher for our Wiley book.
  • Jon: I will reply today. For the future, please send ***general computer*** questions to our email, as that will ensure our whole team sees it, and you should get a reply from somebody sooner.
  • Karl Reitz


  • Nancy Wilkins-Diehr 534-5118
  • -- Michael Fischer <> --
  • Alessandra 212 945 8223
  • XSEDE Ken Hackworth <>
  • Chris Boehm <>
  • Chris White 206-954-5034
  • Garry Chick <> Phone: +1 814 863 1941
  • Dao Vuong
  • Fitz
  • Joe White <>
  • Differential Logic : Sketch 3 Author: Jon Awbrey
  • SW 1 206 384 9439 / 206 588 3207 / 206 303 7776
  • DW 1 858 888 6220
  • LW 1 858 888 6223
  • CW 1 206 954 5034
  • HW 1 858 281 1220
  • JoanKeefe 1 760 518 5047
  • Marga 222 7160 Benito
  • KW 1
  • Susan Yoshihara <> Hello Professor White, According to my records, your last FDCI award for a new computer was in 2012-13. You will be eligible again in 2016-17. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. -Susan Yoshihara (949-824-7667). Title Administrative Analyst School of Social Sciences Susan Yoshihara
  • command-shift-4 --- 365
  • Ren Feng <>
  • DBS120005UC Complex Social Science.docx
  • Nancy: Right now the only active allocation you have is an educational allocation for the CoSSCI gateway that expires 3/13/17. You’ll want to get a renewal request in by 1/15/17 for a 4/1/17 start. They’ll be able to extend the current allocation for 2 weeks to cover that short gap. Allocations always occur at quarterly intervals. The schedule is at


  • Hi Doug,
  • Are you still getting this message about backups? I believe you're working with a Mac laptop and you're using Time Machine to backup, is that correct?
  • It sounds like the drive that was assigned to backups may not be connected for some reason. Typically, people use an external USB hard drive to back up with Time Machine.
  • Here's a basic guide to using Time Machine:
  • It may be best if you bring in your laptop and your backup drive so we can diagnose both here. Let me know if you would like to make an appointment!
  • Best,--Henry Yen --Social Sciences Computing Services (x5476,
  • CoSSci Collegium
  • bank of America phone number (858)--- 552-4100
  • KromTech
  • Your activation code is:

Your order ID: 1051 Ukraine 1-800-830-8269 Zoom Support

Toll Free! for Mackeeper 1/2017 $417 2 year remote asst Russell 749.50 Your activation code is: Your order ID: 10536519


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  • David David Rudner
  • daniel
  • daria <


I checked intersciwiki --> --> without a user --> and anyone can use the software there, along with the dataset at (main page) --> to do cross-cultural analysis from those codes (SCCS), which is something that Fitz could use to do articles with your help (maybe expanding the explanations on the web site) and get a teaching job at one of the CSU or other campuses. My former grad student and TA Ren Feng, is now using in his teaching at his university in China. You two could do some text that I could add to (intersciwiki --> for teach as well as writing articles.

 Need some help and can give you all the other info you might need without driving down here...
 One of my Macs works fine. Another is missing my Mail Server Password.
 I can give you all the other info you might need without driving down...


One of my Macs works fine. Another is missing the Mail Server Password ... might be easy to fix ... if you could fix it on that laptop (Scott knows how to zoom in from Seattle to La Jolla on my computers for example, no driving required)...

or can pay for your work as needed is my Google Account