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  • Title: The wonderment of a liberal education - Passion to Learn / This forager is egalitarian / A difficult fellow / focus on the Strength of a Liberal Education
  • Cite Fareed Zacharia 2015 In Defense of a Liberal Education. His dialog with Anderson Cooper. Discussion of Zuckerberg and his foundations in psychology in humanizing Facebook. ...'s Apple as humanizing technology.


The Context of Biography


Will we have a world to live in?

A child asks: Will we have a world to live in?

Its Atom Bombs

Its Global Warming

MLK I have a Dream

Time Magazine 50th Anniversary MLK: "In King's imagined country, hope triumphed over fear that life is only about what Thomas Hobbs called the war of all against all rather than Justice for all."

Almost as Good as it Gets

Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt
The last laugh is on yourself


Nuclear Threat (Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, Hanford) 1942

Model maker

Bucky Fuller and the New House 1952-56

Becoming a Spaniard: Families and Fascism 1958

J. M. Dain - Filling in a missing part of a life story 1960

The Breakup 1960

Spanish seminars, Literature, and Engineering (Brown)

Refusals and The Mitzvah (Fraternities)

The Education of Henry Adams: Breakout of the educational barrier (Brown)

Indiginista rancher and Dick Chaney's vindictive football team

The Love Affair, a Dying Mother and Spanish Golden Age Theater 1962

Anthropological Education "Every other inch a gentleman" (Bob Kozelka)

Seminar on Ethnographic Fieldwork as Preparation for Experiential Education (Jim Gibbs) 1962

Fieldwork guided by Lini de Vries and Instituto de Anthropología in the capital of Veracruz (Jose Luis Reyes, Marcelo Dias de Salas) 1962

U of M (James Gibbs, Adamson Hoebel and Bert Pelto at Minnesota) NSF Fellowship 1963-64

U of M (Michigan) Traveling Scholarship (Leslie White, Marshall Sahlins, Frank Harary) 1965

U. Columbia NIMH Traveling Scholarship 1966

HRAF Meeting 1967

Summer Seminar in Quantitative Anthropology (teaching), Williams College NSF 1968

The Ironies of a Dissertation Defense 1969


The Pittsburgh Department and Dartmouth 1967

The Standard Cross-Cultural Sample and CCCCC 1969

Discovery of Social Networks Analysis in Kinship 1970

Trip to the West: UCSD, UCI, Berkeley (Joe Jorgenson, Bill Geoghegan) 1970

Mathematical Anthropology (Honigmann) 1972

A partner's love and the Irish Project Completed by 1973

Dartmouth Fiasco MSSB 1975

A Visiting Professorship at UT Austin brings a son 1975

The Tlaxcalan Adventure

Irvine Faculty: Comparative Culture 1976

The Move to San Diego 1977 and a tale of three Anthro Departments

Feistritz an der Gail

Wikipedia:Feistritz an der Gail

Division of Labor 1983

Galton's Problem 1984

World Cultures and Entailments 1985-90

Polygyny 1988 and Monogamy

Regular Equivalence 1989

Germany and France

Alexander von Humboldt - Scott is 15 1990-92

Maison des Sciences de l'Homme 1991-92

Global Economy 1992

Ecole des Hautes Etudes 1998-2002

Lille 1998

Complex Systems

Santa Fe Institute 1999-02

Structural Cohesion 2001-03 (Frank Harary, Jim Moody, David Krakauer)

Civilizations as Dynamic Networks 2003, SFI, (Peter Spufford) Cambridge

Information Society as a Complex System (David Lane, Sander v.d. Leeuw ISCOM) 2002-2009

Network Dynamics and Field Evolution (Woody Powell) 2005

Q-entropic models of complex dynamics (Constantino Tsallis) 2006

Networks, Ethnography and Emergence (Ulla Johansen) 2006

Reenter Europe

Complexity summer school, Paris 2007 (Paul Bourgine)

Role Models for Complex Networks (Jörg Reichardt) 2007

Tokyo Supplier-Chain Hierarchies ( Tsutomu Nakano) 2008

Oscillatory dynamics of city-size distributions in world historical systems (Laurent Tambayong) 2008

Dynamics of Human Behavior (Santa Fe) 2009

Innovation in the Context of Networks, Hierarchies, and Cohesion ISCOM (Modena) 2009

Contemporary Economic Networks: The New Challenges (Frank Schweizer Zurich) 2009

Istanbul 2014

Causality Working Group (Santa Fe Institute) 2010-2014

Max Planck in Math and Science (Nihat Ay, Jürgen Jost) 2011

Kinship Networks on a Massive Scale (Michael Houseman, Klaus Hamberger) 2012

Social Networks, Cognition and Culture (David Kronenfeld) 2011

Networks and Globalization Policies (Balazs Vedres) 2012

Interactive Variables in Cross-Cultural Research (Tolga Oztan) Santa Fe Institute 2012

Context and Action in Cross-Cultural Research (Wiley group) 2013

Bayes Networks and Causal Processes (Tolga Oztan, Paul Rodriguez) 2014