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Institut des Systèmes Complexes Paris Île-de-France Institut des Systèmes Complex

2015 Paris ISC-PIF Conference

En 2015, l'ISC-PIF c'est aussi :

Paris ISC-PIF Complexity summer school [1]

  • Paul Bourgine Director (CREA - Ecole Polytechnique)
  • Hugues Chaté, Organizing committee, Co-Director (CEA, CEN Saclay - Service de Physique de l’Etat Condensé, Gif-sur-Yvette, France)
  • Khashayar Pakdaman, Organizing committee
  • Annick Lesne, Organizing committee
  • Nadine Peyrieras Organizing committee
  • Jeffrey Johnson The Open University
  • User:Tam Kien Duong Computing Administration, Paris ISC-PIF Complexity Summer School [2]
  • Jörg Reichardt, Postdoc participant, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Würzburg, Germany

Paris ISC-PIF Complexity Summer School 2007 Participants

Both parts: Paris ISC-PIF Complexity Summer School [3]

  • ~Diana Garcia Lopez (SPEC-CEA Saclay) Modelling epidemiological dynamics with ABMs, micro to macro.
  • ~Vicente Botella Soler (University of Valencia, Spain), Recurrence Plots (Khamphorst Eckmann 1980s) for time series analysis nonlinearity.
  • ~Laurent Tambayong (Mathematical Behavioral Sciences, UC Irvine), Link formation: Networks and Games.
  • ~Amer Aladhadh (Mathematical Behavioral Sciences, UC Irvine), Complexity, Evolutionary Game Theory, and Singularity theory. (ISC-PIF Award Winner)
  • ~Yihong Hu (Operations Research, Fudan University, Shanghai, China), Networks and transportation science, efficiency evaluation. (ISC-PIF Award Winner)
  • ~Joel Houdet (Orée NGO, Paris, which promotes partnership between business and local authorities. through the development of tools for SMEs and the exchange of experiences), Accounting and economics: ABM modeling of individuals and corporations via biostatistics and resources. (ISC-PIF Award Winner)
  • ~Carla Taramasco* (Chilean --?, Computer Science), Starting thesis on time series analysis and
  • ~Antonio Glaria* (Chilean Biomedical Engineer, working in Paris), Jewell Transforms and physics of brain function.

transition in Bistable systems with impurities

  • ~Guillaume Cherel* (France), MA in (Computer?) Science. Applying to Grad School.
  • ~Nathalie Akakpo* (Mathematics, Paris Sud University), Segmenting components in dynamic systems, biological modeling.
  • ~Sara Montagna* (University of Bologna), Multiagent systems modeling for biology.
  • ~Orlando Alvarez* (Cesimo Complex Systems Group, University of the Andes, Venezuela), Coupled chaotic maps, chaotic synchronization. (ISC-PIF Award Winner)
  • ~~Alejandra Mendez* (Cesimo Complex Systems Group, University of the Andes, Venezuela), Simulating small world networks in a coupling model.
  • ~~Carlos Armanado Echeverria* Avenda (Cesimo Complex Systems Group, University of the Andes, Venezuela), Second order phase
  • Andrea Guazzini* (?), Opinion and social network affinity: A two equation model with emergence.
  • Shaymaa Badran* (University? of Cairo), Bioinformatics program.
  • Stefan Lian**(?) (Mathematics and Biology?), Collective Motion: From differential equations to macroscopic density diffusion.
  • Panagiotis Tsilifis* (Applied Mathematical Sciences, National Technical University of Athens, Greece) Nonlinear optics, wave propagations in nonlinear media.
  • not active or logged in as yet; ~have email or ~~workplace **(?) not on participant list.

Participants, Paris ISC-PIF Complexity (first part only) Summer School [4]

  • ~Andreas Chouliaras (now an Electrical & Computer Engineer, graduate of the National Technical University of Athens (Athens Polytechnic), Networks (communication, computer, neural, Wide Area Networks etc.) and Computer Software (Programming Languages, Algorithms and Complexity, Databases, AI, graph theory)
  • ~Rodrigo de Miguel* communication channels and asymptotic methods in physics
  • ~Lionel Tabourier* (CREA, SEA Saclay 1st year Physics), (1) Social network reconstruction study of science collaboration and knowledge diffusion (2) relation of cellular automata and universal computational properties.
  • ~Mamadou Seck* (Marseilles CNRS 6168), Modélisation et simulation du comportement humain en DEVS: modeling stress with affective computing models in DEV
  • ~José Luis Pereira* (Information Systems Dept., University of Minho, Portugal), Business and informatics: Business Process Management.
  • ~Nader EL KHATIB* (ixxi) Partial differential equation (PDA) and reaction diffusion equations (RDE) for modeling inflammatory reactions in blood vessels using CoMSol Multiphysics software.
  • not active or logged in as yet

Faculty: Paris ISC-PIF Complexity Summer School [5]