Ion C. Baianu

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Complexity Researcher ResearchGate

Interest in Complex System Biology and Network Synthesis

Math Genealogy



  • I. Reported in 2010-2012 the first results for:
1. Two-photon NIR excitation FCCS experiments with a femtosecond laser on soybean leaf chloroplasts
2. Single cancer cell imaging by FT-NIR Hyperspectral scanning
3. Strategies for Optimizing Clinical Trials in Cancer
4. Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease (AD)
5. Progress with mathematical foundations of Quantum Theories and NMR in terms of Quantum Algebraic Topology of Operators and quantum spaces.
6. A novel theory of paracrystalline nanostructure and dynamics, including quasi-crystals.
  • II. Developed and reported an extensive Soybean Composition Database by combining Near Infrared with NMR and GC-MS for amino acid analysis, protein, oil, carbohydrate and isoflavone contents. This database summarizes the results from over 50,000 NIR measurements on bulk and single soybean seeds of more than 15,000 soybean accessions and developmental lines.
  • III. Obtained a patent for energy savings in high-efficiency drying of crop seeds and plant products.