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Nigel Gilbert

Editor, JASSS

  • Title: Professor
  • Forename: Douglas
  • Surname: White
  • Affiliation: University of California, Irvine
  • Address: Social Dynamics and Complexity
             Institute for Mathematical Beh. Sciences
             School of Social Sciences
             Irvine, California
             United States 92697

Biography: My interests - in social dynamics, the organizational theory of social networks, and long-term multilevel study of human social organizations (communities, industries, polities, markets, small groups, elites, world systems) - combine into three sets of projects and collaborations: a number of long-term ethnographic sites are being studied by researchers affiliated with the Linkages projects funded by the NSF -- Carinthian, Tlaxcalan, Tzintzuntzan and Turkish nomad communities that are the focus of our group at Cologne (Johansen, Schnegg), SMU (Kemper), CalTech (Scudder, Lee), UCB (Colson) and UCI (White, Brudner). French, Spanish, Swiss, North- and Meso-American elites and networked institutions that are a second focus of collaborative work at EHESS and INED (Paris), Geneva and IIMAS (Mexico). These have now morphed into completed project and software such at archived and under further development at http://kinsource.net/kinsrc/bin/view/KinSources/ and at http://intersci.ss.uci.edu/wiki. Santa Fe Institute projects that are the focus of the State and Markets working group -- the biotech industry (Powell Koput and Owen-Smith) and Renaissance Florence (Padgett)-- and of the complex network dynamics working group. European Union projects on society as a complex system (van der Leeuw, Lane, West, and others) have now morphed into a completed Springer Methods Series 7 book under Lane et al. as editors. My latest series of projects builds on earier studies to examine historical social dynamics in Eurasia over the last millenium (cities, industries, roads, trade, innovation, oscillatory dynamics, and conflict) with a new added GIS component on ecological feedbacks, diversification, monocultural system collapse, and diversified sustainability.

Research Interests: Controlled and generative simulations are used to develop and fit the correspondence between theoretical and empirical models, including multilevel and multiscale network and entity models, and using cohesive blocking to identify emergent units at each level.

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