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Published on Jan 19, 2017 Join us on a witty, exhilarating exploration of THE word of our age – data – with mathematician Hannah Fry. What is data? How is it stored, shared, made sense of…? And what does data reveal about us and the world? Category Education

2017 April The Mathematics of Crime and Terrorism - Numberphile]




Hannah Fry



Hannah Fry trained as a mathematician, and completed her PhD in fluid dynamics in early 2011. After a brief period working as an aerodynamicist in the motorsport industry, she came back to UCL to work on a major interdisciplinary project in complexity science. The project spans several departments, including Mathematics and the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, and focuses on understanding global social systems -- such as Trade, Migration and Security. Hannah's research interests revolve around creating new mathematical techniques to study these systems, with recent work including studies of the London Riots and Consumer Behaviour.

Hanna Fry

Talk: Is life really that complex? Recently scientists have begun to appreciate that many of the mechanisms inherent in our social systems have analogies in seemingly unrelated problems. The movement of a crowd, for instance, can be understood using techniques traditionally applied to the flow of a fluid, and the uptake of a new technology can be predicted using knowledge of how disease spreads. By exploiting these analogies, a new field is emerging at the interface between social sciences and mathematics, the potential of which I hope to illustrate using a mathematical model of the London Riots. Our approach can demonstrate why certain areas of the city were at higher risk than others and help determine which policing strategies may have resulted in a swifter resolution to the unrest. We will discuss how social modelling can provide a greater understanding of our society, and help design better systems for all: from healthcare to policing and policy.

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Lordious4 months ago I noticed a pattern of me gravitating towards videos of her. Reply 81

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Anonymous Atheist2 months ago She makes one of my appendages defy gravity. :P Reply 6


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FocusReborn1 year ago Does she take her shirt off at any point during the video? Reply 35 View all 10 replies


benedictify1 year ago Do you take your shirt off when you watch it? Reply 2


FocusReborn1 year ago +benedictify Only on Tuesdays.  Reply 3

Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch 

Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch10 months ago Sorry but riots are not problem of our society. Society is the problem for our riots. Reply 20

Christian Schonberger 

Christian Schonberger2 years ago (edited) Repeating myself:it takes a huge effort listening to Hannah - because everything she says is extremely interesting, correct and well told - the problem is that she is way too sexy for her own good. I imagine thousands and thousands of men thinking: Hannah: I want you to have my (=our) children. I'm one of them.... Reply 16 View all 15 replies

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Christian Schonberger1 year ago +Jonas Hellberg You were faster and more to the point than I was. You win! :-D Reply 1

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Chooch Game Tv1 year ago Beautiful, brilliant, ginger. Reply 17

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Jeffrey Lebowski2 years ago Whats the probability for that she has never realized her first name to be a palindrome? xD Reply 14 View all 3 replies

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Jeffrey Lebowski1 year ago +Nilguiri no its not 0. There is an infinite small propability! Maybe we should ask her xD Reply 1


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affablegiraffable1 year ago (edited) Can the same tools be used to relieve the racial tension that gave the riots impetus? I feel like were using the right tools for the wrong purpose. Reply 11


Ducklord3 years ago This kind of thinking tends to lead to overuse of statistics, and severely false conclusions. Correlation in no way implies causation, therefore, you might be right the 4 first times and wrong the next 16. This has already become too common with the low quality of social sciences and medical research. We need to move away from this sort of armchair science. Careful planning is still the best way.

She actually proposes this kind steamroller method to dealing with angered people. What about the collateral damage? Read more Reply 11 View all 5 replies

Humble Man 

Humble Man3 years ago +Enourmousletters the problem is the lack of looking for a causing factor and instead using statistical data to control the problem, this will be enforced and gradually more and more data will be collected with better and better predicting capabilities and all the time nothing about the causes, it's always about controlling the problem once it flairs up. Read more Reply 1


Enourmousletters3 years ago +michaelleyland On that, I agree Reply 1


economíamatemática1 year ago Everything was ok until she started to talk about put down the social protesters. Reply 11


memyself1 year ago +economíamatemática You can bet that any success from such mathematical techniques will be used by government against people. And I'll bet the military is funding much of this research. Reply 1


totaltotalmonkey3 months ago The riots can model the police too. Or find out which model they are using and behave in a way to avoid being kettled or arrest etc. Reply


rodrigocientista2 years ago She is gorgeous, but mathematics is of incomparable beauty. Reply 15


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cryora2 years ago So it's basically like the study of Chaos and Game Theory. Reply 7 View all 3 replies


cryora1 year ago +memyself oh ok, I've never really heard of complexity. I've taken a dynamical systems course since I've watched this vid so I know a bit more about chaos. But all I know about complexity is that it's complicated or complex numbers. Reply


memyself1 year ago +cryora I'm not very current on dynamical systems, but I think Chaos has achieved the status of a science. Complexity, however, is not yet firmly established as a separate discipline, despite the considerable efforts by the Santa Fe group, which had some pretty bright people exploring the idea. I think these efforts were made in the 1980's and 90's, and it looks like progress has been made since then. You can find much explanation by searching for "complex systems." I don't know how seriously we are to take the word "complex" in the title of this video. Perhaps I was reading too much into it and the word is not to be taken in a rigorous way. It would've been nice if Hannah explained something about all this. Read more Reply

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Adam Chmielowiec1 year ago She is so hot. <3 Reply 7

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