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Some publications

Jessica C. Flack and David C. Krakauer. 2011. Challenges for complexity measures: A perspective from social dynamics and collective social computation. Chaos 21, 037108 (2011); doi: 10.1063/1.3643063

Simon DeDeo, David Krakauer, and Jessica Flack. 2011. Evidence of strategic periodicities in collective conflict dynamics. J. R. Soc. Interface September 7, 2011 8 (62) 1260-1273; published ahead of print February 16, 2011,

Jessica Flack and Frans B.M. de Waal. 2000. Any Animal Whatever:Darwinian Building Blocks of Morality in Monkeys and Apes Journal of Consciousness Studies 7 (1-2): 1-29.

Jessica C. Flack and Frans B.M. de Waal. 2000. Being Nice Is Not a Building Block of Morality. Evolutionary Origins of Morality Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives. Edited by Leonard D. Katz. xvi + 352 pp., 090784507X (pbk.), $29.90 / £17.95