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ASK: that the material - learning objects associated with the teaching/connected: a learning process. Go with Moodel - introductory course for using the dataset. Suresh Marru Marlon Pierce, Assistant Director, Science Gateways Group, Research Technologies Applications. Ph.D. Florida State University (Physics), 1998. mpierce [at]

Guide to Moodle Courses

The setting on this course is for open viewing, which is settable in the left column under "Administration / settings" (click). Instructor:
  1. Clicked the SETTINGS link in the ADMINISTRATION box.
  2. Scrolled down to the AVAILIABILITY block (for ENROLLMENT KEY I’ve entered: culture)
  3. Clicked Guest access, without the key (key is "culture")
  • We choose to allow guests who have the key since we get a numerous amount of spammers. You’ll want to limit who has access to your course.
  • It is easier to send your guest directly to the link for your course. As an example, this is for access to your Cross Cultural course:
Send them to the link:
At which point they will be sent to the login page. They can click onto the LOGIN AS GUEST button
View the Model Course
Without an open setting you cannot view courses without an account
There's a setting in Moodle that permits guest access through a password. Just go to "course settings" and scroll until you see it. youtube. Then you can hand out the password as you see fit. Once the course is developed, we can remove the password entirely. I've cc:ed Billy in case you need any help with this. Best, Larry
The University of California, Irvine OpenCourseWare project ( aims to promote global education – from matriculated UCI students to independent learners everywhere – through the free and open distribution of course materials, including a large collection of video lectures. In the past eighteen months, UCI faculty and instructional staff have won three international awards and the project itself another three in areas such as user experience, innovation, best content, and leadership. Its most recent initiative in coordination with the Chemistry Department is to provide open access through video lectures and course materials to all undergraduate core courses in the chemistry major. Its website, iTunes U course collection, YouTube playlists, among others, have tens of thousands of visitors each month. (Larry Cooperman)

This is the first of two courses introducing our instructors to moodle and some of the activities and resources options. Next time you log in to the DLC page, UNDER My Account/Mycourses ON LEFT, you should see this course under the list of MY COURSES. OPENS A NEW PAGE

Link to Workflow Systems


Summer Academic Enrichment - Teaching ESRI ArcGIS 10.0

Moodle -Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment Ancient Greeks - Aileen Clearkin Cheltenham High Wyncote, PA 19095 - Aileen Clearkin World Cultures 9th grade - Rich Kiker 1:1 advocate Palisades High Kintnersville, PA 18930 - EdModo - Mentor Mob - Study strategies --- FORUMS - DEMOS Mt. Orange - DEMOS Mt. Orange - SCHOOL - Registered US Sites - Purliue@UFlorida, San Francisco State University, Louisiana State University, and the University of Minnesota - Purliue@UFlorida - Mahara - Moodle University search

Licklider, Engelbart, Borgman

Joanne Christopherson open-source community-based tools for learning. Welcome to the Moodle community!

Moodle - Modular-oriented teaching.

Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a Free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites. It uses PHP and... MySQL 5.1 is our community site where Moodle is made and discussed. Please use the menus to explore and join in!

crucial to get an easy start into the course, simple beginnings

Course links Accessed at: johnstone

Hi Doug:

I have requested a guest login so you can check out my Moodle sites.
Thanks for asking.  JC

Hi Doug, I have created an account for you in Moodle and have added you as a “non-editing teacher” in Joanne’s two Summer Session II classes: Soc Sci 3A and Soc Sci 1A.

Go to 

Hi again: Janet just sent you links. Divencenzo? 949 824 1058

Please remember that I am in the process of setting these classes up for second session which starts on 8/4.
Online classes have a Week 0 when students access the site and look at the syllabus and schedule and course in formation.
I usually open the first week as well so they can get a jump start.

The SS3A Week 0 and Week 1 are ready.

For SS1A, I am working on Week 0 with my TA today and Week 1 will be ready this weekend.
Please feel free to call me if you need any info.
949-981-9275 Joanne?

UCI Extension Campus

The future is already here; it's just not very evenly distributed" Wikiquote:William Gibson

Gary Matkin x5525 UCI Extension - Forefront of open course software advocate - support from UCI Extension

Assoc Dean Jia Frydenberg Distance Learning - Free online training x4381 E-mail:

Who will be users

Janet Divincenzo at Distance education, UCI. Online Coordinators, production focused 949 824 1058

  • Lorraine Villegas 4-3594 -- 2013

Gary Matkin x5525 6-7 years ago 65% share worldwide

have to plug into Moodle

like to improve

will move from 1.9 to 2.2 settle down 2.1 lots of functionality


not blackboard

It uses PHP and... MySQL 5.1

could downoad 2.2 now 15 mins INSTALLATION now - use it - have registration system - email utility - configure to your own needs, your name - 88 courses open, # accessible at UCI - 125 lecturer for Chemistry series - Video capture - enhanced - on instructor - slides - post production 1080p hi res - also postproduction - want narrative to go to slide. OPEN COURSEWARE not on Moodle, will be in 6 mpnths - create services AROUND like learning assessment? $125 get assessment. For each student. Take the course.

"Collections" idea is we can have materials but courses plus video lectures - cross-cultural studies - need curator, member of the faculty,

ASK: that the material - learning objects associated with the teaching/connected: a learning process. Go with Moodel - introductory course for using the dataset.

Larry Cooperman - head of open coursewhere site - will contact me. Get a specific - opening the collection, put something it.

home page

UCI open coursewhere site awarded "2nd Best User Experience"

Open Courseware contributor awarded "UCI Medal"

UCI Moodle training

Larry Cooperman - head of open coursewhere site - will contact me. Get a specific - opening the collection, put something it.

home page

UCI Moodle training - These three courses are complimentary for UC Irvine Extension instructors who have been scheduled to teach online. Please contact your program planner to request or confirm your enrollment. After you have been enrolled, Student Services will send you information about logging in and accessing the course contents.

EDUC 895.1: Getting Started with Moodle (2.0 CEU)
Course Description
Learn how to use Moodle's functions and features by setting up an online course yourself. You will use Moodle, a full-featured distance learning environment, to create an exact copy of an existing model course and in so doing exercise Moodle's most important features and tools. We will provide you with the content to use in the course so you can focus on learning how to use Moodle. Topics include adding activities such as discussion forums, assignments, quizzes, surveys, wikis, and journals, and adding learning resources such as documents (in various formats) and links to external websites.
EDUC X895.2: Developing and Facilitating an Asynchronous Online Course (1.0 CEU)
Course Description
Learn how to develop and facilitate an asynchronous online course. Whether you're an experienced online instructor or new to online teaching, this course will show you what UC Irvine Extension expects from its online instructors in both course development and facilitation. You'll learn how to develop a detailed syllabus for your own course including writing learning objectives and listing your course contents, and you'll have an opportunity to create an entire lesson for your course with emphasis on having a narrative thread link the elements of your content. You'll also gain expertise in creating effective learning assessments that are in alignment with course-level and lesson-level learning objectives, and you'll learn how to facilitate your students' learning activities via discussion forums and other activities.
EDUC 896: Best Practices for Creating and Facilitating Live Online Training (0.5 CEU)
Course Description
This 4 week course is geared specifically for UCI Extension instructors to better understand the world of webinar training so they can effectively design and facilitate webinar classes. The live, online environment requires a different perspective and set of skills from classroom or asynchronous training. Effective webinar training does not mean engaging with a computer or just showing a PowerPoint slide presentation; it means engaging with people to help them learn through activities in a live, on-line environment.

Monica Preston

Course Collaboration

Open course collaboration MIT etc

I consider Moodle 2.2 now the global standard, not SCORM, not CC, not IMS.
Using a Community Hub can help teachers share immediately-usable courses on their own site. The Open Courseware will be useful after someone spends 20-100 hours converting the course to a Moodle 2.x course and puts it on a Hub. Moodle Community Hub

Another tool that I forgot to mention, that goes with the Hub, is the Sharing Cart. The new 2.2 version moves individual course items from course to course, almost like drag-and-drop. So you can make a repository of sharable courses on your site, and teachers can come and grab whatever pieces they like. Perth Moodle 2.3.1 Home downloads needs php

Sharing Cart


The Sharing Cart is a block for duplicating a course item and an easy way to move Moodle content (resources, activities) between multiple courses on your site. You can share items among teachers or among your own courses. It copies and moves single course items without user data—similar to the “Import” function in Course Administration. Items can be collected and saved on the Sharing Cart indefinitely, serving as a library of frequently used course items available for duplication. It is viewable only by teachers, course creators and administrators. For further information, see General Developer Forum postings. 1.9 Release 6 also allows upload/download to a Moodle Repository.


Moodle version 2.2. Previous versions from 1.9.4 - 1.9.9 available. PHP 5.3.3 Javascript: A browser with JavaScript enabled even if you are not using AJAX. AJAX turned on is recommended but not required. MySQL 5.1, PostgreSQL 8.4, SQL Server 2008 (= MSSQL10): Postgres not fully supported in 1.9. Course Format: The Sharing Cart tested with three formats. Topics and Weekly formats supported as well as third party Project course format.


download latest 2.2 release from Github download previous 1.9 release from CVS Contrib unzip the package using FTP, open your blocks folder in your moodle program folder on your site place the folder "sharing_cart" into the blocks folder go to "Notifications" in your site admin area, by clicking the button, you will enable the repository plugin, and automatically generate database tables inside any course, "Turn editing on", go to Blocks "Add...", and you should see "sharing cart" in the list of blocks in the menu. if you are going to share Quiz Questions, you may need to add a new system role called Question Creator (see note below in 'Roles') if you are going to upload/download from the Moodle for Language Teaching Repository, go down to point (5): Setup Respository Connection.


Turning On and Off: With editing on, add the Sharing Cart block from the block menu. After adding the Sharing Cart block, you will notice the block stays "on" the next time you enter that course. When you go to another course, add the Sharing Cart block to that new course. Then you can see your Sharing Cart as you roam courses across a site. Click the "X" icon to turn "off" the Sharing Cart, although the contents of the Sharing Cart will remain there when you turn it on again. Copying to the Sharing Cart: You will notice a small "Copy to Sharing Cart" icon which appears after each resource or activity in the center column of a Moodle course. Click on that icon to send a copy of that resource/activity into the Sharing Cart. User data will be removed, only the activity itself will be cloned. Copying from the Sharing Cart: Click the "Copy to course" icon in Sharing Cart, then you will see many dotted boxes appear in the center column. Choose the location you wish to place your item, and it will be copied there directly. Making folders inside the Sharing Cart: Click the "move" icon on a course content item and an input box will appear. Input the name of the target folder there. To move an item into a folder, click the "Move to folder" icon in the Sharing Cart, then a drop-down list appears, and select the target folder. If you click the “Edit” button, you will replace the drop-down list with an input box.

Setup Repository Connection

New in release 6--for now this is only set up for one repository--Moodle for Language Teaching. In early 2010, we will have a Repository version that any group can use in their teaching field or institution.

  • Make an account on the Moodle for Language Teaching Repository site:
  • Install the Sharing Cart block on your home site--download from CVS:
  • Be sure to go to Admin >> Notifications to enable the Repository plugin.
  • Click the "hammer tool" icon on your Sharing Cart to setup a connection to the Repository.
  • Type this Repository URL: along with the Username and Password of your Repository account.
  • Put an item from your home site into your Sharing Cart
  • Click on the Repository icon next to that item
  • Fill in the metadata information, and click "Register".
  • You have uploaded your first contribution to the Repository and will receive 100 points registration bonus and 20 points for each item you upload.
  • To download ("buy") items, you first view an item then click the "Buy" button. Normally it will "cost" you 10 points.
  • Then go to your home site's Sharing Cart and click the "Download from Repository" button, located at the bottom of the cart.


Generally, the Sharing Cart will duplicate any activity in any course that a teacher has access to. However, quiz questions have another set of permissions independent of site roles. Therefore, if you experience difficulty sharing questions (i.e. students cannot view embedded audio or images), we recommend making a new role within your site: Add a new role--Question Creator: Make this role in Site Admin >> Users >> Permissions >> Define roles, and assign all teachers to this role (in addition to other roles they already have). This role should be given at least the following rights (set permissions to "Allow") under "Course": Manage Activities, Manage Files,Add new questions, Edit all questions, Edit question categories, Move all questions, Use all questions, View all questions. Set questions to System Question Category: If you set questions to course or activity level categories, you may not be able to share them. TIP 1: ...Possibly add another role--Question User: If students are unable to view questions, make this role and assign all students to this role. Set to "Allow" the following permissions: Use all questions, View all questions.

Known Issues & Roadmap

Sharing Cart 2.x tested for one year, with 2.2 release 1 removing major bugs. Please send feedback directly to Don Hinkelman: hinkel at Sharing Cart 1.9 works well with Moodle standard modules (activities and resources) including Hotpot. Tested OK with the Feedback Module. Please test it and tell us if your third party module does or does not work. Some third party modules with incomplete backup/restore will not work with the Sharing Cart and may produce fatal errors. Here is what to do.Sharing Cart/Project Format Errors If you make an administrator setting to enable "split restore" (Admin block>>Miscellaneous>>experimental>>split restore), the Sharing Cart will not work properly. To make it work, turn off split restore. Media files are copied (not moved) to each instance of a new duplicate file. This solves many troublesome issues of permissions to access the files. However, for sites with restricted hard disk space, it may fill up space quickly. When AJAX course editing is enabled on your site, dragging the Sharing Cart block to a new location in the blocks area may cause trouble temporarily—all blocks may freeze or all the folders freeze (this is a bug in Moodle core). To unfreeze the folders, reload the page. From June 2009, release 6 of the Sharing Cart is able to move content to and from the Moodle for Language Teaching Repository. In the future it will be able to move items across any cooperating sites. To test with, download the latest Sharing Cart version from CVS. Or contact Don Hinkelman hinkel at For future versions, depending on funding, we plan to build a locking mechanism to prevent the Sharing Cart from copying commercial works or items that the author does not want copied.

Issues to Consider

Moodle 1.9 has a sophisticated system of permissions for the Question Bank. Question categories can be limited to certain teachers. The Sharing Cart operates on the assumption that sharing of questions is desirable and little control is needed. We do not know all possible results that may happen if questions are copied and duplicated. For example, if the question was originally limited to a "Course" category, will it share perfectly to other courses and students? Please report to us any problems you find concerning this question. At the moment, we are recommending sharing questions with the "System" level question category. Finally, if your administration wishes to have a high degree of control of questions and activities, the Sharing Cart may be too easy-to-use. In terms of site user policies, we believe sharing permissions should be broadly applied not just to administrators, but to all teachers. Your policy on sharing depends on your institutional culture and values.


This block was programmed by Akio Ohnishi and Tomonori Maruyama at Version2 Educational Web Development and released under GPL. The designers and maintainers of this block are Don Hinkelman and Andy Johnson. Funding is provided by Sapporo Gakuin University and the Japan Association of Language Teaching--CALL SIG. We welcome other contributors. For issues and suggestions, please contact Don on the Sharing Cart forums or directly (hinkel at

See also

Project Course Format: a format for moving sections of a course Moodle Tracker CONTRIB-907 Download from CVS Contrib Forum discussions Modules and Plugins database

Moodle for Mac then choose with MAMP (XAMPP is for Windows PC and Linux.)


Stopped here

http://localhost:8888/MAMP/?language=English stopped here without paying $59 from a 2.3 version of the Server software with MAMP (for OX X) PHP, MySQL etc for Moodle 2.3 because UCI has those for us online

Moodle for PC

&High School setup

Moodle for UCI


You are now setup with three course shells in the OpenCourseWare course category. Upon logging in, you should see under “My Courses” the list of the three courses. There was only one user that I found and the user name seemed to be “doug white” (two words). ((actually its dougwhite now, one word). The email address was

Let me know when you have populated the courses or if you have any questions.


Larry Cooperman

Video in Moodle

If your video is hosted elsewhere online (such as youtube) you can simply link to the relevant page by choosing Add a resource>URL and pasting in the relevant link. My image of this is that in the Moodle text there is a link to a video. Somewhat like Coursera - instructor explaining something, with a graphic.

We have been having a few issues with video on our Moodle site and was wondering what would be the best format for teachers to use so it works in all the different browsers.

Specifically we have had issues with IE when linking to a multimedia stream when using the 'Add a Resource > Link to a file or website.

When we do this and past in the url of the streaming link it works fine in Firefox, i.e. opens up windows media player.

But when we do this in IE it opens the Moodle page that should launch the media player but it fails.


Moodle vs. Sakai (e.g., U Florida, it replaced Blackboard).

On 7/30/12 1:34 PM, Doug White wrote:

big items are that UCI Online has given us for starters three on-line course shells and a "collections" site in perpetuity to experiment with sharable courses which can be copied, modified and distributed to new instructors, along with databases, software, teaching materials, videos currently in Moodle (they are competing at top levels; e.g., MIT, Stanford, signing into agreements with Coursera, Daphne Koller etc, and I am on their review board for their entry ino Coursera ) so I am plowing ahead with "the future is already here" editings of the potentials for our Wiley book outline. All of us will be able to play with constructing materials for these Moodle sites, tentative titles for
CCR -(standard sample), Gis Online -(Esri software and our data, our and their visualizations), CCR- Foragers (Binford and North American Indians sample) but we can create others without cost.
see for example upper right "Collections" will contain many of our materials

Ok, I came out from the Doctor's knife ok yesterday (slice off my right thyroid, no problem to follow, still have the left which is sufficient). Today we (at least me so far) have access to the following 5 online courses: two by a colleague to learn from doing basic social science methods up to ArcGis Online SOC SCI 1A: Principles in the Social Sciences (SUMMER 2012, Summer Session II) SOC SCI 3A: Computer-Based Research in the Social Sciences (SUMMER 2012, Summer Session II)

BTW what Moodle stands for -Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment

the other three our own: My 3 courses plus also a "Collections site for us to go into the Open Courseware Site above Cross Cultural Research GIS Online for Cross Cultural Research World Foragers

If anyone wants, I can try to get any of you a user number and password to work on any one or more of these 4 sites, or sit in on the two SOC SCI classes being taught by Joanne the next six weeks. Meanwhile I am back to the outline of our proposal, sorry it is taking so long.

Eventually I could see Malcolm and Anthon doing a Coursera class with our data and software, with MCMC on top, and some Pearl causal network graph analysis. I attach an article proposed to Scientific American tho it has little chance of getting accepted (xcept for the connection to Martin Nowak's article in July) because they do not usually accept an article with original research (as in part 3). But my next thought will be to rewrite for Social Forces or some such journal. If its rejected by SciAm any or all of you or Anthon's students would be welcome to join as authors so that we pass editorial review with flying colors AND rehearse one approach that can be taken for our ACCCR (A Companion to CCR).

Modifications of the courses that we create eg as part of the background documented in ACCCR can be distributed to any university of High School through by the GPL license for free Moodle software, our data, our R scripts, etc. And instructional chunks of what we spin off of the Wiley book. I've had little or no feedback at all on these ideas, guys, if anyone has feedback!

-- Doug White

UCI Social Science Gateway