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Seminar—"Maximum Entropy Predicts Realistic Patterns in the Distribution and Abundance of Species," Google: John Harte (University of California, Berkeley)

Harte, J., T. Zillio, E. Conlisk and A. Smith, Maximum entropy and the state-variable approach to macroecology, Ecology, 89(10), 2008, pp. 2700–2711 (2008).

Srinivasan, U., S. Carey, E. Hallstein, Paul A. T. Higgins, A. Kerr, L. Koteen, A. Smith, R. Watson, J. Harte, and R. Norgaard The debt of nations and the distribution of ecological impacts from human activities. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 105, pp. 1768-1773 (2008)

In their new book, "Cool the Earth, Save the Economy: Solving the Climate Crisis is EASY", John and his wife Mel present a blueprint for reducing US emissions by 75% by 2030 ... and without carbon sequestration, biofuels, or a carbon tax. Go to for a free download of the book.

"How to cool the planet (and save the economy, too)"