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See also: John Ward We don't have any way to do bench marking and predicting. I can say that VMs in our cluster do get the full resources allocated to them and sometimes more. You want to make sure to get enough RAM and CPU to perform the required task. If you know what physical hardware specs were required I would start with those. I am available for a phone conversation or email questions. John Ward To: 949-824-3435

Joe Brancaleone [

I have been in process of creating / configuring this vm according to the specs in the original request. However, it would be good to also get John Ward involved for the questions below regarding how the VM would hold up with certain expected load. The original request had "Standard" resources with RHEL6 64 bit, meaning 1 CPU core and 2GB RAM. I don't think we can predict what the impact would be without reality based testing; it may be a matter of starting with standard CPU RAM and going from there, but John should chime in. He's out of the office today but perhaps we can conf call with Professor White tomorrow to learn more about the intended VM usage matching and requirements for that usage.


On 4/23/2013 11:32 AM, John E. Saska wrote: > Francisco > > I just got off the phone with Professor White: > > Professor White has some questions about the VM he is going to be > running... > > He would like to know if: > > 500 users running 20 iteration each on that > site would run smoothly on the new VM... > > I asked for the following info & he is not sure: > > What is the URL so we may test/benchmark it. > What VM package did you request? cpu's, mem, etc... > > Perhaps you or John W. can give him a call for VM expertise > > ------------------------------------ > Professor emeritus Douglas R. White > > > ------------------------------------ > > /jsaska UCI/OIT/EUS >