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Jon Jonathan Nilsson <>. 7/16/2017. 949 824 1536 YES
949 824 5476 help desk Henry? --- new computer -- August 20th or so 2017       -- what is 855 222 2316 - Windows defender? for support Mr have  support - Mk 
00AtlaPaki5a.docx Sept 5 2017
Hi Doug,
I am CC'ing our helpdesk on this message. Please send all requests like this to our entire helpdesk team at
In order to assist you, we'll need to know a few more details. How did you receive this message? Is this a website you visited, or an email you received?
Please forward the entire email if you received this request via email. If it was a website, please tell us what the URL of the website is.
Regards, Jonathan

On Jul 29, 2017, at 11:14, Doug White <> wrote:

? what is my "Microsoft account" /?? ? Recover your account ? We can help you reset your password and security info. First, enter your Microsoft account and follow the instructions below.


Unfortunately, none of those emails contained a screenshot. You should send the images as attachments on your email, rather than trying to embed them in the email message. The attachment button usually looks like a paperclip at the top of the window while you are writing an email. I attached an image of what this button should look like.

If you are certain that you want to insert the screenshot into the email directly, rather than attach it, then you need to look for the "Insert Images" menu item. I attached another image showing where to find this menu item. It should also work to just drag and drop the image directly onto the body of the email, in the compose window.

Since you were unable to send the screenshot image, can you describe what you were trying to do?

Best, Jonathan

Doug White UCI


Hello Doug,

Can you confirm receipt of the laptop? UPS shows that it was delivered. I just want to make sure that you actually received it and that it is working for you.

Best, Jonathan

On Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 9:01 AM, Jonathan Leung-Nilsson <> wrote:

   Thanks for the account info Cathy. I'll use GF11238 (the faculty account), for the shipping fee then, unless I hear otherwise from Doug.
   By the way, Doug, please use this link to track delivery of the laptop.
   It shows that they attempted delivery on Saturday 8/19, but no one was there to receive it. They are attempting deposit very again today.
   Let us know when you receive it and if you need any help using it. It should have all the software you need already installed, and your email already set up.
   On Aug 21, 2017, at 07:39, Cathy Yates <> wrote:
    Hi Jonathan,
    I am Professor White’s finance analyst. He has two accounts: Faculty Account and Appleby Foundation. Please use GF11238 (his faculty account). If Professor White objects, his Appleby Foundation is PR13276.


R studio
Edit Rocket
Komodo Edit
Photo Edit
Google Drive
Team viewer
App Store

19 July 2017 New Computer

Hi Doug,

Thanks for talking with me on the phone now to confirm the details about the new computer we'll be ordering for you. I'm copying Norma and Tami, as well as our computing services team so we are all on the same page.

We'll order a new 15-inch Macbook Pro with Touch Bar, 2.9GHz i7 processor and 512GB flash storage. Since this computer will have the new USB-C style ports, we'll also include some adapters for you so that you can connect regular USB hard drives and other accessories. It sounds like you do not connect any external monitors to your computers, so you do not need any adapters for that.

Once we get the computer we will install our standard software packages and try to get it to include as many of the software titles that you listed below as we can. When it is ready to be delivered to you, we will have it shipped down to your residence via FedEx or UPS.

13 July 2017

Note: Only your AD Password has been changed, to also change your UCInetID password please visit UCInetID Activation and Password Changer. To update computers and mobile devices with your new password, please visit

  • How to update your computers and mobile devices after changing your Office 365/Exchange password. You may need to log off and back into your computers if they are on the AD domain.

Jon, can you help me here? Maybe you're not back until tues (new computer here, having trouble).


7/11/2017 Hi Doug, I received this. If you are checking in about the order for a new MacBook Pro laptop, I haven't put that together yet. I should have that for you tomorrow. (from DRW) Please also send me the list of software on the Mac that you have (done) and I can see which we can install and order for you to put on this new Mac too. Best, Jonathan

Jonathan Leung-Nilsson <>


if I send a color image RplotHiGod.html or RplotHiGod.png can you help me convert it to black-and-white using

Doug White UCI


  • Hi Doug,
  • If I understand correctly, you want a way to convert an image from color to black and white. Ideally, you would like to do this as part of your email client.
  • I have searched, but I could not find any way to edit an image to make it black and white using your email client.
  • Instead, you should open the image file on your computer using image editing tools, and modify/export the image to convert it to a black and white image. Then once you have saved a black and white copy of the image, you can attach that to a new email message.
  • Here is a blog post about how to use the Preview app in OS X to save an image in grayscale:

Best, Jonathan

Not getting Galaxy to run Mon June 12th 2017 12:00

received: I try with some input variables: the depvar, 3 indep comma-separated indepre vars, several indeprun vars

  • get 3 green boxes of results, click the lower left "download" disk image, get a "Galaxy" output, put "Whats new in excel" Mac now wans output as "Signin" email or phone number
  • excel wants email or phone number!, I give my, use "personal account output", given a code (wants an email result) wants an email result

earlier' Hello Doug,

I have received your emails this morning, and I'm not sure what you mean. Can you please describe what is not working?

If it is a programming issue with one of your tools, then yes, you should contract out to Francisco Lopez.

The website for seems responsive. And I admit I don't know how to use the DEf01f tool, but I plugged in a few variables based on the screenshots you have sent me and it appears to have done some computations on it. It does show up in the history side bar.

Can you please try to describe what problem you are having or what the expected behavior is if you notice something not working as you expect?




Hi Doug,

If you are trying to upload files to your interact server, you should use SFTP not FTP.

Also, your user name is just "drwhite" without the

If you still need assistance, let me know what application you are using and I can try to provide more details.

Also note that if you are uploading a file that will be linked on the wiki, you can use the built in wiki "upload file" link. Look for that on your wiki in the left-side tool box.


> On May 30, 2017, at 16:29, Doug White <> wrote:

(connecting from my laptop to intersciwiki at UCI?)
Connect using: FTP

Hello: Anthon

Anthon already has access to the wiki. This was solved 4/22. I believe we are currently stuck because he is trying to upload Rdata files but the wiki will not allow that file type.

I have already set all available configuration options to allow it, but unfortunately it will not recognize .Rdata files as valid file types to be uploaded.

The best work around that I can recommend is to upload them somewhere else, external to the wiki, and just save links to those files in the wiki where needed.



Jon Nilsson -- Jonathan Nilsson -- Jonathan Patrick Leung-Nilsson -- UCInetIDjnilsson

  • (949) 824-1536 or 949 824 5476 Jon Nilsson --- Jon
  • Jon, can you help us with this? thanks, Doug
  • If you want to give __ his password too that's fine, I dont need to know it.


Hello Anthon,

You should be able to request an account on your own using this page.

Please fill out and submit the form there. You should receive an email with a confirmation link. It will either send you a temporary password or have you create a password when you click the confirmation link.

Let me know if you need further assistance or are still unable to complete the registration process.




Hi Doug,

You should be able to drag the image file from your desktop into the open Word document. If that doesn't work, you can use the Import menu of the Word program to import a picture/image file from your desktop.

You can also try using the Copy and Paste keyboard shortcuts. Command-C is the copy command, and Command-V is the paste command. So select the image file by left-clicking on it, then hit Command-C on the keyboard. Open the Word document and hit Command-V to paste the image file into it.

Let me know if those instructions don't work for you.



AWS for runs just fine, and will run as you say on (about $10-17 per month), the funds are there so its permanent - thanks ! Jon Nilsson <> Jonathan Leung-Nilsson

Hi Doug,

Sorry I missed this. Yes the virtual machine does keep running. As far as I know it will run indefinitely? I have not actually been contacted about billing for that VM.

I wanted to write a bit more about the status of the AWS project, just to catch you up and also to remind myself, since it's been a while.

The AWS space is where we tried to move the Galaxy instance. But we ran into trouble and realized that it would take a fair amount of programming to get Galaxy working in the cloud. That is where Harry Mangalam stepped in and said his team could do the work, so he wrote the scope of work document that Francisco Lopez (or others on the RCS team) would use to transition to a cloud model, especially using AWS.

I do not know the current status of the AWS project. I just know that it is currently being paid for (about $10-17 per month), using your Appleby account. I do see the invoice monthly, so I know what the charges are and know that it is still running.

Here is a URL to the AWS galaxy instance:

It does not look like it has been updated to match what is on, so that project may have stalled.

Hope that helps jog your memory of all this too. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


...the answer is that you should be able to insert a photo into word via the Insert menu, or simply drag and drop from the desktop, or copy&paste the image using keyboard shortcuts. Jonathan

  • see Dao Vuong How do I: Enter password for drwhite on i.e., am missing a password
  • I have an output file command-shift-4 screen shot and want to paste it into WORD file. suggestion? (Emailed to you and to -- No Response) Clearly our HELPDESK is not working.
  • --- Jonathan Nilsson
  • (949) 824-1536
  • Enter your password for drwhite on

The VM farm that Harry is referring to is a great place to have a server. It is a very reliable virtual machine infrastructure similar to AWS, but hosted exclusively on-campus in UCI OIT's data center.

I'm not quite sure what it is you would like to setup... you mention "DEf01f" which is one of the links on the left side bar of your galaxy instance. But I'm not sure what you mean by "cross-cultural analyses". If you have a new tool or workflow that you'd like setup on your server, then you'd have to contract with Francisco to get that done.



key words

Jonathan Nilsson UCI ------ I will reply today. For the future, please send general computer questions to our email, as that will ensure our whole team sees it, and you should get a reply from somebody sooner.

Hi Doug,

I've fixed your site now. Please read below for an explanation:

On July 1st at 5:23pm your user account logged in via SFTP from the IP During that session, the mediawiki-1.20.2 (the current installed version) directory was renamed to "mediawiki-1.20.2-DATAsets". This broke the installation, because the alias "wiki" points to the current version that web service expects to find. After renaming the directory, the alias pointed to a non-existent directory.

You should not rename files or folders directly via SSH or SFTP. That can break your wiki installation. Let me know if you were trying to do something by renaming that directory, and I can help you find the proper way to do that. Or, if that wasn't you, please let me know and I'll reset your user account password.

Hope you have a good 4th of July Independence Day weekend!



On Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 5:55 PM, Douglas White <> wrote:

Dear Jon, could you help me by signing into intersciwiki – home – intersci – you’ll see that “wiki” now has an “Alias” instead of a folder