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reitz@chapman.edu Professor Emeritus Chapman College

http://pure.au.dk/portal/files/101895417/Positional_analysis_of_multiple_networks_with_actor_attributes_working_paper.pdf [PDF] Positional Analysis of Multiple Networks with Actor Attributes AR Ostoic - 2016 Abstract This paper extends the notion of Compositional Equivalence for multiple networks developed by Breiger and Pattison (1986) by providing with an effective way to include actor attributes in their relational structures. The relevant characteristics acquired from the ...

Douglas R. White & Karl P. Reitz. 1983. Graph and Semigroup Homomorphisms on Networks of Relations. Social Networks 5:193-234. http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/pub/whitereitz.pdf 1999 (Translation) Douglas R. White & K. P. Reitz. Homomorfismos de Grafos y Semigrupos Sobre Redes de Relaciones. Pecar: Revista Politica y Sociedad, special issue edited by Narciso Pizarro. Monográfico "Análisis de Redes Sociales: la consolidación de un paradigma interdisciplinar. Madrid, 22 de junio de 1999 (número 33)

Hi Doug. What a surprise. I would love to write a chapter, I need the intellectual challenge, but I'm not sure what I would write. I haven't done any research for a long time. I am finishing an elementary statistic textbook which features R.

I was just talking about you to my lady friend. I read the op-ed in the LA Times about polygyny. I was surprised that he had it so wrong. He claimed monogamy was a recent invention. No mention of the cross cultural research on the subject or the paper we did about sexual dimorphism.

I'm living only a couple of miles from UCI. My son is in a PhD program in Bioengineering there.…