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Author(s): David B. Kronenfeld, UC Riverside <>

Peer Reviewed?:no

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Title:Experienced Kinship and Kinship Theory

Publication Date:2011-11-27

Abstract:Personal subjective experience of kinship is offered as a source for theoretical insights and hypotheses. In particular the author’s experience as a grandparent (G2) whose living kin are mostly descendent is contrasted with the normal G0 or G-1 perspective from which kinship has mostly been studied in anthropology. From this perspective the default “nuclear family” is that of procreation (shared with spouse) instead of that or orientation (shared with siblings). The distance from child to parent is found in Anglo-American culture (and shown for Fanti) to be greater than that from parent to child -- i.e., the distance is asymmetric. A possible cross- culturally applicable explanation is offered.

Keyword(s):Kinship, experience, generations, theory

Discipline(s):Social Sciences, Area, Ethnic, Cultural, Gender, and Group Studies

Content:ForumKinshipPaperv3a.pdf, 84.9kB, application/pdf

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