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Laurent Tambayong

Sept 2, 2017

Sorry, please reply to this one for the identical emails. I forgot to switch the "from." That's my junk mail email. I organize important email using this address.


I have plenty of time to revisit my archetype of world view, you know, at the most very philosophical top level.

I was drawn to you initially after looking at your list of publication.

An apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

At your pleasure, please point me to the works that most influential to the formation of your thoughts, in the sense of archetype philosophical level.

It doesn't (matter) whether it's summarized in yours or somebody else's works. It doesn't matter how many they are.

My chance of being able to work again is deemed as very likely impossible by the doctors due to my handicaps.

Time and brain are what I have know. I am 40 this month. I strongly feel it's the time to seriously revisit the very top of my philosophical view and you are, of course, my greatest influence on this. In some sense, I am in the very similar path of Carl Jung now and he got significant influence from Social Anthropology.

August 2017

It is time to truly understand what I truly learnt from you. Sure, I understand this and that techniques, publish this and that topic. However, I think this is a very important pivot point of my life to really understand what you and me have actually been trying to do based on what views. Thanks so much.

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  • Edit: Team with Laurent Tambayong on CoSSci instructions for students - from Doug
  • I need to go back to track. I now have more than enough capability to write a, likely, short qualitative/non-quantitative paper and publish it on Structure & Dynamics? It will be about for-profit universities' ramifications on the demography. The conclusion will be just that the DoE or any responsible government agencies need to review the current policies.
  • I have enough materials, but I hesitate to start without your green light due to my limiting health. It will still be a good qualitative paper although it'd be out of my publications' habit. I am sorry that this is kind of a reverse process. I hope you understand the rationale although you say no. My last publication was in 2015. I don't want to have a gap if possible.
  • I am getting better and best to start finding a constructive activity like writing a small piece of paper. Thanks.
  • Cal State Fullerton
  • Students

I employ interdisciplinary subjects and methodologies from Economics, Statistics, Sociology, Organization Theory, and Physics as media of methodology development in investigating the very core of my i: . changes in organizational structure. The framework I use includes all level of network analysis: micro, meso, and macro. My current and past research includes an investigation of: · How the interactive motive of actors, hindered by information limitation, results in triadic stability and how such triadic stability results in change of their organizational structure (publication 5,6,and 8), specifically in term of cohesion and hierarchy · How changes in organizational structure are detected using statistical methods · How stability and instability of organizational structure are detected quantitatively · Web-based data collection I am also interested in the application of such methodologies in contemporary issues: · Empirical analysis of longitudinal changes of organizational structure

From Doug: There is a bit in here on China:

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