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spousal benefits

If your full retirement age is older than 65 (that is, you were born after 1937), you still will be able to take your benefits at age 62, but the reduction in your benefit amount will be greater than it is for people who were born before 1938.

for Lilyan I think the tricks outlined there only apply if you were born after 1954 but I could be wrong:

Btw, Lilyan should be receiving spousal benefits instead of her own benefits since they are supposed to automatically be the one that it is greater:

"As a spouse, you can claim a Social Security benefit based on your own earnings record, or you can collect a spousal benefit that will provide you 50 percent          of the amount of your spouse’s Social Security benefit as calculated at their full retirement age (FRA). Check the Social Security website to determine what your FRA is, as it depends on your year of birth. If you file before you reach your own FRA, your spousal benefit will be reduced because you are filing early.

You are automatically entitled to receive either a benefit based on your own earnings or a spousal benefit based on your spouse's or ex-spouse's earnings. Social Security calculates and pays the higher amount."

LB: If your full retirement age is older than 65 (that is, you were born after 1937), you still will be able to take your benefits at age 62, but the reduction in your benefit amount will be greater than it is for people who were born before 1938. i.e., Lilyan. reduction in your benefit amount will be less for people who were born before 1938.  ??

Dec 2017

To: Lilyan Brudner-White <> Sent: Thursday, November 23, 2017, 9:53:57 AM PST Subject: appointments Dec +

dec 8th before get mrds to drink,,,no red food that week before kuhldau 9.30..begin at 6 the night before 12/07..... night before drinn6 oz before bed, morning of procedure 12/8/17 again 6 oz suorep with water up to 16 oz lline 2 more 16 of water over next 2 hours have to finish 2 hous before procedure

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shah dec 4 at i

sottosanti............ ???

12/06 port care 9

12/8/17 kuhldau

l/09/18 9 port care

       18/10 siegal

1/09/ 9 kosty

4/02/18 chyung


Sottosanti Sottosanti 8899 University Center Lane, Suite 100 • San Diego CA 92122 • 858-459-4364 Doug Mon 7:40 next July 18 8:30 July Lilyan 22 June 22 8:30

Doug Lilyan

  • Sottosanti Sottosanti 8899 University Center Lane, Suite 100 • San Diego CA 92122 • 858-459-4364

Doug Mon 7:40 next July 18 8:30 July Lilyan 22 June 22 8:30


Dear D+A I am so delighted to think/envision it is now April in Paris (like the lines from the song) such a beautiful time to be out in the marvellous parks there and I imagine you still have your car.So off with all the dark images and back into the light (although watching out for cars driving in the middle of the road). We have not seen Ben and Luisa as our schedules have not been greatly in tangent, but hope to arrange somethng later in the month. Very interesting and gracious people. We have been somewhat out of it this past month what with taxes, imperfect record keeping and memory of details, but did get it together-Doug's chemo fog and my lack of doing taxes created again a problem, but more than that for some reason we were lower than usual in available endorfens..however they rose again last week..welcome back! Doug does a scan this month. (as I think about it the reason was guess who? and guess what the harassment of the Mexicans and very many of our friends are Mexican-so lively, warm and great as friends and parents to their chldren..and I (L) am a half holocaust person with the only grandparents I knew being Jewish, although no serious Jewish person would see me as such as my mother was Catholic (I never new her) anyway images of people near and far got to me as to so many especially this month, ie the refuge problem. Doug is 14 generations or so American and I first. Anyway happy the mood has cheered and it really has as you also seem to feel- namely any attraction to the right that was serious probably died or dried up under Brexit and its pushers in Europe and Trump and his endless folly here>..yipppee of course. Doug has been quite cheery now that the light has pierced the darkness of the prior period..more his usual self.Also the spirit of Easter has penetrated our aetheist shells not particularly at the deep faith level so much as the charm of the music in a church we visited on Palm Sunday with dear friend Marilyn one of 8 brothers and sisters and show sweetness-deep and genuine (she has the attentive to goodness character one only experiences in films on nuns). Of course she is obviously not a nun as all the nuns that Catholics who have had them as teachers cite appear to be mean as hell. Marilyn is he counter example and lucky to know in the first darkness of the souless Trump. Speaking of exceptions in this dark valley your names appear, but of course not in any reductive the goodness being only some of the characteristics that are also modulated by intelligence of considerable note, fastidiousness. It is because of these qualities - you probably don't know it that we mt. Mr Machado noting my clumsiness grace a le lengue Francaise said "others are others in the building who speak English". voila, on stage appears...." Lena etc should like Lillle in the sense it is not far from Paris and is pleasant. We had some good acquaintances there and visited..Doug even - believe it or not giving lectures in French at the Ecole tied up by Alexi Ferrand. Exiting now this long, long octopus of an email with hugs and warm regards to both...I can't wait until Mdmm Le Penn is written off, although compared to her father she is a warm blooded human.


From: A & D Fenby <> To: Lilyan White <> Sent: Monday, April 10, 2017 8:34 AM Subject: April in Paris

Hi Lilyan and Doug

The Bill Maher ‘Real Time’ item on republican ‘dicks’ was both amusing and frightening; I sent it on to Anaig and Léna. I like such overviews; the NYer and Huffington Post articles are most informative.

The French election limps on; my guess is that Fillon will end up as President, contrary to what the current polls suggest. I will vote against Le Pen in both rounds; that means Macron in the first round, and Macron or Fillon in the second round. The second debate was dull; we watched only the first half of it.

Our daughter, Léna, is 42 today, something we find difficult to believe, and so, I am sure, does she. The move to Lille appears to be working out very well. We’ll go up later this month to see their apartment and their Lille, or at least a little of it.

With the arrival of Paris and April, our lives here are almost ‘normal’. We’ve even had our first picnic (a Subway in the Parc de Bercy) and first exhibition (- kinetic art in the Maison de l’Amérique Latine). I find I’m able to handle current affairs much more reasonably and slightly more constructively if my life is somewhere in the realm of ‘normal’. I’ve long (- for about 60 y) found long walks and bike rides, the latter now in the past, most therapeutic.

Our relatively heavy entertaining schedule continues, but this is inevitable afer a 4-month absence. Catching up with a few Tour Athènes neighbours and other friends has been fun; with them and us, health hiccups are more conspicuous but, on the whole, I have this reassuring feeling that we are all getting old graciously. I’ve heard nothing from the Banks – alas, because they are such an amazing family, and I adore watching kids grow.

Love & hugs,




Subject: Alaska airlines to seattle IWXNLB $452.80 This is TICKET info

Wed, March 1 Alaska 493 8:05 San Diego to Seattle ll o clock arrival, seats row 21 C+D aisle

Depart Seattle Wed March 15 SkyWest/Air Alaska 6;45 pm arrive san diego 9:20 Row 13

wed dec 28@10.15 zilla
wed dec 29 at 11 engel
monday jan    2  @12.oo colin
Wed            jan 11    @8;30 CT SCAN green hosp radiation  9:30 actual scan
Friday         jan 13 @ 9 am shirazi
Friday         jan 13  @ ll:30 infusion
Friday jan 13   at 12:30 siegal
jan 20 @ 10:30 Kosty LILYAN


monday jan 30 @1:45 linn
Enjoy the view.
Gazelle MacBook (1100) --> 799
Dr Benjamin Chu

Committee on Irish Language Attitudes Research (CILAR). (1975). Report. Dublin: Stationery Office.

D Yahoo


To scott blanco Today at 9:54 AM Encyclopedias suggest the term "Turk" per se first used by Herodotus in 5th c bc, but reference to specific people as turk was from early on very shifting. Turks were basically nomads, a collection of ethnic groups that lived in various parts of asia, especially Central Asia, perhaps most closely related to the Huns. These were not the original people of the land now known as Turkey, but rather relatively johnny come lately folks there.

1. a much earlier Anatolian people were the Hittites of the great Hittite empire and later Neo-Hittitle city states "some of which survived until 8th c bc and whose greatness only appeared to the European eye, apart from the bible very late with the study of their ruins. They were also co-termperaneous with great Egyptian empires of early/middle period. They spoke an Indo-European language. were in Anatolia, Syria, Lebanon.

2. Greeks were living in what is now Turkey since 2nd millennium, following political upheavals in Greece, but had begun to colonize present day Turkish area, Asia Minor etc from 8th to 6th c bc. The city of Byzantium which became constantinople + late Istanbul was founded by Greek/Megard colonists in the 7th c bc. The Greeks of Turkey refer to themselves as Rumlar meaning Roman..following the colonization of Asia Minor by Alexandere, gradually local anatolian languages were replaced in part by Greek Christians by there 4th c AD and the area around these cities was essentially Byzantine, but gradually the in flood of Turkic advance from Asia Minor/Central Asia overwhelmed the Byzantine empire by 1300 AD..the Greek merchants were the elite social class even under the Seljec and Ottoman empires initially, but even to some extent even into the 19th century, although mainly in the cities of Constantinople and Symna.

3. Turkish or Anatolian turkish is the most widespread of turkish languages..the roots of the language go back to the Altay region, and Ottoman variety of altar turkish became the literary language of subsequent Ottoman empire. Turkish expansion was predominant during early middle ages.. people speaking turkish languages sprsead across Central Asia especially during loth century. The era of the eastern roman empire (see this topic in wikipedia) began in the 4th century before the invasion of Osmanli turks or seljuk turks. By the 13th century it had been overwhelmed by turks, and certainly christiainity had been overwhelmed centuries earlier by islam.

4 However, what is called Persian-Turkish synthesis of culture is no less important, as some synthesis of turkish/persian/arabic also occurred among elites. The so-called Turkic family of languages included some 30 living languages including ajerbaijani and these languages are partly mutually intelligible, and early versions of turkic inscriptions trace back to mongolia.

5. a synthesis of turkic/persian culture occurred also because since the 9th century AD turkish mercenaries and nomads eventually displaced arabs and persians from the persian military and was modified in Otomann empire - see Turko-Persian tradition in wikipedia. In the 19th century the word Turk only referred to Anatolian villagers as the Ottomans did not identify as Turks. Now the word "turk" is "bound to those who live in the turkish stated.

1969. An analysis of the ethnic component of social transactions