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SFI Working group 2004

2004 qupubunk (qupubunk) replied to your LiveJournal post

( in which you said:

> Working group new paper/ppt/svg/comment index Bob Adams Commentary on > Richard Hatcher, Understanding the Population History of England, > 1450-1750 - Examining assumptions of historically 'fitted' models

> Peter Turchin Dynamical Analysis of Socio-Economic Oscillations: England, > 1100-1900 Turchin's PowerPoint presentation of Dynamical maps (22 MB) of > evolution of the state system and metaethnic frontiers in Europe during > the two millenia CE. These are PowerPoint slides presented at the Santa > Fe Institute working group on Analyzing Civilizations as Dynamic Networks > (Complex Macrosystems). C. Nussli, 2002. Periodical Historical Atlas of > Europe is the source of the new states/ethnogenesis maps.

> Henry Wright The Earliest Bronze Age in Southwest Asia (3100-2700 BC)

> Bill Thompson Complexity, Diminishing Marginal Returns, and Serial > Mesopotamian Fragmentation Comment on Thompson's paper - political > dynamics Doug White

> Doug White Initial draft from Spufford project, assisted by Joseph Wehbe > Initial Maps from Spufford project

> Dave Wilkinson Analytical and Empirical Issues in the Study of > Power-Polarity Configuration Sequences

> Chris Chase-Dunn Modeling dynamical nested networks in the Prehistoric > U.S. Southwest Background paper index Chris Chase-Dunn World-Systems as > Dynamic Networks

> John Hatcher 2003 Understanding the Population History of England > 1450-1750


Their reply was:

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