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Obsolete Social Science Gateway for Economics and its replacement: VirtualRDC @ Cornell - Synthetic Data Server, Economics Compute Cluster 2015
twitter  ::VirtualRDC    @VirtualRDC    New post: [ECCO][SDS] Remote desktop client NX upgraded to version 4 

Instructions and workflows in development

20 min youtube on CoSSci

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 11.10.09 AM.png

Could do

In *.csv:

which server? Trestles / OIT / SocSci
how long did it take?
user name
  • Send usage emails each day


How to share histories


home work numbers (773) 834-6812 (773) 834-3700 Lacinski house 225 454 2625-> work 773-834-8912

Tom Uram, Łukasz Lacinski (curr. Devel. lukasz@uchicago.edu 773 834 8912)
Ráchana Ananthakrishnan <ranantha@mcs.anl.gov> (new development 630 252 4778) --> 630-252-2272
lukasz at uchicago.edu
University of Chicago
Searle Chemistry Laboratory Room: 107A
5735 South Ellis Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

Life Sciences, Culture & Society, Planet and Environment, Particles to Cosmos, Data & Computation

I created a short screencast showing how to share histories with other users and how to access histories shared by other users,


This is my first video. Please, let me know if it goes too fast.