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Marcel Mauss; Henri Beuchat. 1979. Seasonal variations of the Eskimo : a study in social morphology. Geisel Floor6 E99.E7 M45413 AVAILABLE

  • Seasonal Variations of the Eskimo is one of the first books in anthropology to adopt a sociological approach to the analysis of a single society. Mauss links elements of anthropology and human geography, arguing that geographical factors should be considered in relation to a social context in all its complexity.
  • The work is an illuminating source on the Eskimo and a proto-type of what an anthropologist should do with ethnographic data and exerted considerable influence on the development of social anthropology.

English translation

Marcel Mauss; Henri Beuchat. Essai Sur Les Variations Saisonnières Des Sociétés Eskimos. Part VII of Sociologie et Anthropolie, Presses Unversitaires de France, 1950.