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Margot Cottrell.
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Dear Doug, This cute guy is Levi Cottrell Gibbons. Noah is the father of this child. His mother, Stephanie Gibbons is a single mother. Even though I am not “blood-related” as Noah likes to admonish, I am great grammie... hence the GG. We took him to his first Celtic Folk Concert Friday night! He was fascinated! He learned to clap & tap his feet!!

Noah has been in & out of Drug R & R programs for several years. That is why there is no marriage, thus no hubby! Noah is not doing well & cannot see Levi unless he passes a drug test & lives up to a contract, which he refuses to do. The whole situation is headed for court.

Jon & Rebecca have been fostering Stephanie and the baby even prior to his birth in September. Seth, Ross & Graham are in full support & onboard in this situation as well. They all agreed this baby needed love & family support from all of us. He needs to “belong”!

Jon & Rebecca have provided them with living space in the fall after Stephanie was forced to move from living with her mother- in her mother’s public welfare apartment in Lowell, MA- due to conflict. It is a long, convoluted, psychiatric nightmare of a story.

Over the winter, Stephanie & Levi lived with Jon & Rebecca at their new home until this past week. Now they have moved into the recently vacated 2nd floor apartment at 1129 Gardner Neck Road (which Jon still owns & used to live and where we also used to live years ago). This puts them close to all of us who can continue to provide a family structure yet allow them independence.

Hope you have recovered from your travels to Seattle. Our cancer patients are holding their own. Many hugs GG

Dear  Family,

I just gave Levi a new portable "chair" that fits onto the counter so he can sit up like a big boy at the table!

Thought you'd like to see him enjoying it at his new home! He & his Mom have just moved into their own 2nd floor apartment which is at 1129 Gardner's Neck Road in Swansea.

They are now independent and will have the privacy and space to spread out and be self contained, separate and have the autonomy needed for future growth & development.

They can have visitors, guests overnight, entertain & host whomever they desire. Yet they are close by to us for opportunities to assist & participate in their lives. Love from "GG" Margot


Dear family, Just got a call from Chris who has been to Boston today getting the medical assistance & DX he needs to treat his cancer ( Lymphoma). They will start him on his prescribed chemo infusions tomorrow. They told him it is treatable & curable. The balance can be done in the Vineyard Hospital. He will forward other pertinent info to us when he gets it all together. Thankfully, Grammie Margot

Dear Doug,
Jenna is Ben’s youngest daughter.
She is now a sportscaster in Rochester, NY
Her email is
Happy T Day to you all
Valerie Cottrell Sent:
Jenna Cottrell's New Address
Her new address is:
520 East Ave Apt. 308
Rochester, NY 14607 


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Hunter Cottrell in San Diego