Marriage payments project with Bell and White

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New Documents for the project (replacing codebook)

Codebook pdf Codebook doc

Rationale pdf Rationale doc

If you download the *.doc file for the Recode (Codebook) you can type your notes/quotes/page#s for each variable.

  • Lynsey: :F08 Turks, Aztecs, Irish, Romans, Abipon;
  • Nick:
F08 02 !Kung,
F08 04 Bemba,
F08 07 Lozi,
F08 67 Lolo,
F08 76 Siamese,
F08 100 Tikopia;
W09 49.Romans,
W09 54.Russians,
W09 56.Armenians,
W09 67.Lolo,
W09 58.Basseri,
W09 71.Burmese,
W09 90.Tiwi.
  • Laura: Babylon, Hebrews, Irish, Bedouins, ...

Lynsey UROP proposal

Pre-test coding for the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample “Marriage Payments Project”

Coder discussions

Linsey notes that the wealth assets definition might be spelled out (or refer to item (C) intro and page in article) so as to make the categories relevant to a corporate productive property-owning kin group.

C. ( ) Matriliny ... Is inheritance of productive property primarily through women. ( ) define patrilocality: residence after marriage is with the kin (group) of the husband. (Duran: do you want to include avunculocal, residence with the wife's uncle?) ( ) ( ) Duo-lineal, i.e., both matrilineal and patrilineal ( ) ( ) Ambilineal - allows the child or child and spouse to decide between affiliating with the mothers or the father's group

II. intro paragraph can state difference between gift (given without bargaining and no need for return) and payment where there is something in return and there may be bargaining

add word exchange to bridewealth / groomwealth

BOTTEM OF THIS PAGE: move to intro

( ) Token Bridewealth -- this often just means a small consideration, say chickens, which do not produce wealth, unlike cattle for example.

( ) Dowry -- use words "not an exchange"

( ) DURAN: clarify Dower - as distinguished for example from half-payment of brideprice, half due later.

E versus G -- DURAN: is there a distinction between these in terms of wealth items versus consumption items?

II (second time) --> III

b. Create another category for wealthier men, older men, good hunters, etc., with more wives

III --> IV


Read Duran Bell's Marriage Payments: a fundamental reconsideration. It is the guide to this coding project for students to join the group working to understand the world of transactions and alliances linked to marriage transactions. Table 1 in the paper, explicated in the text, summarizes the categories that are spelled out in the codebook for Marriage Payments.

Print out a fresh empty copy of the codebook for each society and fill (answer the questions) in the codebook after checking the top 1-2 sources in the SCCS ethnographic bibliography in a case of your choice. See SCCS case study societies - books in UCI library

Each participant should code 4-5 ethnographic cases. Instructor Doug White and emeritus professor Duran Bell (a very popular UCI undergraduate teacher) will help by reviewing the codes you develop for each case.

You can add on-line links to these sources at UCI Langston library or urls in pdf (from Jstor, Google Scholar, Gutenberg, Avalon, U. Penn on-line) following the # 5.3 Exercise in Ethnographic Wiki writing and reading.

174AW Students

Anthro 129 students