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Dear Doug, - - - - - - - - - - - - Tanya McMullin. - - - - June 1 2017 - - - - see also David B. Kronenfeld

I am sorry for the delay in coming back to you but it has taken me much longer than I anticipated to thoroughly review the manuscript and judge the figures enclosed.

As I had emailed regarding previously, the inclusion of colour in some of the figures, especially those where the colours are referred to within the text/caption are problematic. I’m afraid that there is no possibility of printing this text in colour and therefore I judge these figures as key candidates to be removed. The maps in particular I am struggling to justify inclusion. As you mentioned previously that they could print in grey, I have tried this out in my office and I do not feel that the shades of grey are sufficient to clearly explain the content. I am wary of those figures in colour being referred to within the body of the text so perhaps this would be for the contributor to remove/amend accordingly the relevant figures.

Looking at many of the tables, I feel that good typesetting and line spacing could reduce the overall length of the book by a small amount as those which are double spaced currently would have increased the overall length predicted. However, there are still a huge amount of them e.g. chapter 25 alone has 18 figures and tables. Therefore I would really appreciate your opinion on the importance/necessity of all of them. I would be much happier if we could reduce the number to around 80, should this mean the removal of chapters then we might have to look into that.

Whilst I am very reluctant to remove whole chapters, I would appreciate your opinion on Chapter 7, Language Phylogeny Trees for the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample: Examples from the Evolution of Husband-Wife Equality in particular, which I feel reads as more of a guide/journal article than a Companion piece looking at this aspect of cross-cultural research in a broad sense. I’m afraid the same sentiment applies to Chapters 26, 27, and 30 which read like specialized journal pieces.

I have worked through a permissions log which Catherine kindly provided me and I have attached this with my comments in Column J simply regarding the colour or black and white nature of the figures, of course we would need to determine the tables separately. I have used a colour coded system whereby those in Green I am happy to keep in (when permissions granted), Orange I would appreciate your opinion on, and Red I advise that we remove. May I ask your thoughts on these? Please feel free to add an additional column with your notes and I’m sure we can come to a good conclusion whereby all relevant content is included in the finished product.

I note that there are a few tables and figures missing from the manuscript which I have not been able to review so it would be greatly appreciated if you could check in with each of the contributors as to the importance of these being included.

I am aware that due to the nature of the content there will be more figures than originally contracted and therefore I would hope we could just reduce this to a level which is appropriate to avoid a price increase which the market could not hold. In these situations we may look at sending the manuscript out for review to receive the opinions of the market on this text but I look forward to your thoughts first.

With kindest regards

Tanya Tanya McMullin