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Hi Prof. White,

Sorry for the delay. I've downloaded the correct version of the Cite extension, and installed it at /home/intersci/wiki/extensions/Cite. It also included the file /home/intersci/wiki/extensions/ExtensionFunctions.php which is required by this extension.

I modified the end of the file /home/intersci/wiki/LocalSettings.php to include a correct require_once command to include the new extension.

I tested the installation by modifying the Sandbox page with the following code as a sample (and then deleted my changes after checking that they work)

-- test <ref>this is a test reference</ref>

<references /> --

Please read the following page link for more information about how the Cite extension works and how to use the keywords <ref> </ref> and <references />

-- Jonathan Nilsson, Social Science Computing Services SSPA 4110, 949-824-1536

On Sat, May 2, 2009 at 10:09 PM, <drwhite@uci.eduwrote: Jon, I finally came across the way to add footnotes to intersciwiki. A copy of the last of three pages is shown below. It is from

this was generated by selecting v1.10 from

where 1.10x was generated from (not the criticisms, etc.)

which is explained at

Could you take a look at this and if it seems advisable, add it to the configuration if you have the time? I am a bit quesy about this one and its also too complex for me to handle. What do you think?


Doug White

Download MediaWiki extension From Jump to: navigation, search

A snapshot of version r21631 of the Cite extension for MediaWiki 1.10.x has been created. Your download should start automatically in 5 seconds.

The URL for this snapshot is:

It may be used for immediate download to a server, but please do not bookmark it, since the contents will not be updated, and it may be deleted at a later date.

The tar archive should be extracted into your extensions directory. For example, on a unix-like OS:

tar -xzf Cite-MW1.10-r21631.tar.gz -C /var/www/mediawiki/extensions

On Windows, you can use 7-zip to extract the files.

If your wiki is on a remote server, extract the files to a temporary directory on your local computer, and then upload all of the extracted files to the extensions directory on the server.

Note that some extensions need a file called ExtensionFunctions.php, located at extensions/ExtensionFunctions.php, that is, in the parent directory of this particular extension's directory. The snapshot for these extensions contains this file as a tarbomb, extracted to ./ExtensionFunctions.php. Do not neglect to upload this file to your remote server.

After you have extracted the files, you will need to register the extension in LocalSettings.php. The extension documentation should have instructions on how to do this.

If you have any questions about this extension distribution system, please go to Extension talk:ExtensionDistributor.

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