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This is the new Interdisciplinary Sciences MediaWiki It will tie in with Mike Fischer's pages at Kent and those at ASU just as soon as the two Mikes land at the main page and start building links. It is a community project.

Please follow the instructions in the initial paragraph, create an account in your real name, Once you log in click on your name and it will say User:(Your name). Then click edit and type of paste some 300-500 words of user friendly bio. You can paste that from elsewhere. At the bottom of the text-entry page click PREVIEW and then when you are done editing click SAVE PAGE [ ] Minor edit? and fill in the Summary:_____ box to describe your latest edit. You can edit and revise as many times as you want. How to edit and format MediaWiki

  • if you want to sign your text use FOUR TILDES (your name and the date will replace them) Doug 11:49, 20 June 2007 (PDT)
  • CAUTION: if you are editing, SHOW PREVIEW of your pages, and then click to follow a link, you may lose your latest text, so better first to SAVE PAGE. This does not happen in Wikipedia but does happen in MEDIAwiki. What happens is that the new link will open but the Back button is unable to return to the page you were editing.Doug 07:28, 21 June 2007 (PDT) Save Page frequently because you can also lose your edits if someone else interrupts your edit by trying to edit simultaneously. Some wiki users keep a backup of their posts of their word processor, or edit and paste, then mark-up ("wikify") the text altho ("wikify") also means add wiki links (not just use wiki formats). Note that the Minimizing_edit_conflicts url I have used here GOES TO A SUBHEAD in a wiki text, one with double equal signs on each sign that marks a header. - for the diehard a book: CORE FUNCTIONS OF MEDIAWIKI