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Nataša Kejžar - Is a member of the Inštitut za biostatistiko in medicinsko informatikoUniverza v Ljubljani, Medicinska fakultet, and is a PhD or the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Faculty of Social Sciences (program in Social Informatics, Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. She is co-author with Douglas R. White, Constantino Tsallis, Doyne Farmer and Scott D. White of the Social-circles network model.

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Kejžar is an Olymnpic swimmer, born October 14, 1976 in Jesenice, Slovenia, Yugoslavia. She studied at Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

Coached by Ciril Globočnik, she started swimming in 1984, finished in 2000. She participated in the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.

Best achievement: OG 2000: 16. 100m breaststroke; EC 25m 1998: 2. 100m IM.

Her sister, Alenka Kejžar appeared as a swimmer in three Olympics.

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