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Natchez -

Jonna Higgins-Freese left a reason for downloading Natchez class and rank reconsidered Hello,

I downloaded this because I am working on a piece of historical fiction on Harriet Smith, who completed the first controlled excavation at Cahokia for a WPA project in 1941. In her correspondence, she mentions that she needs "Quimby's article on the Natchez from _Antiquity_. In trying to track down that article, I came across this.


Jonna Higgins-Freese

April 27 2017

Douglas White I have an article on the Natchez - 1971 Douglas R. White. Natchez Class and Rank Reconsidered. (Difference equations, royal/commoner genealogies, prosopography of an Indigenous American nobility, and solution to the historical-demographic Natchez Paradox) Douglas R. White, George P. Murdock, Richard. Scaglion. Ethnology 10:369- 388.

Ng7 Natchez SCCS146 and others