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New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI) 238 Main Street, Bldg. E-48, Suite 319, Cambridge, MA 02142

Our phone and fax numbers remain the same: 617-547-4100 (phone) and 617-661-7711 (fax).

2012 Global problems

[ Global Food Crisis

2010 Global problems

The New England Complex Systems Institute Solving Global Problems 2010 Dear NECSI friends and colleagues,

We are proud to report on some of our accomplishments of the past year. Please consider supporting our work for the next one.

Healthcare: We published an eight-part series on improving healthcare quality and reducing costs. "Healthcare Costs: The Road Map" reached a wide audience of medical professionals, policymakers, and laypeople with its insights from complex systems applied to the healthcare system.

Economics: We advised Congressman Barney Frank, Chairman of the Financial Services Committee, as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission on key policy responses to the financial crisis.

We released a network analysis of the financial crisis and its policy implications, which has been covered in WIRED magazine.

Engineering: We trained the Army Corp of Engineers in complex systems concepts, and advised them on implications for crisis response and prevention improvements in New Orleans. See "The Future of New Orleans."

Ethnic violence: We have been expanding on our model of ethnic violence to provide recommendations for its prevention.

System vulnerability: We published a paper showing how we can analyze the vulnerability to catastrophic cascading failures of many complex systems, and enable real-time responses. This approach can be applied to critical infrastructure as well as social and economic systems.

As we approach the end of 2010, please consider this opportunity to make a tax-deductible contribution as we strive to provide scientific responses to global problems. If you have benefitted from our economic interventions since March 10, 2009, please consider donating appreciated securities.

Your support will:

  • Help us identify global vulnerabilities and the actions that are necessary to protect us from them.
  • Help us address the problems of ethnic violence, economic crises, healthcare improvement, and biodiversity preservation.
  • Provide scholarships and stipends for talented students who will engage in these important problems.
  • Please visit or contact Debra at to make a donation.

NECSI memberships are also tax-deductible.

To begin or renew your membership:

Yaneer Bar-Yam Professor and President


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