Nf03 Omaha (SCCS 143)

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Nf3 Omaha SCCS 143

  1. White, Douglas R., Janel Tortorice and Peter M. Thompson. 2008. Omaha / ‘omaha’ : networks and alliance. Ms. (Missing Figs. 1-6).
  2. Thompson, Peter M. 1997. The Competitive Inheritance of Title in the 19th Century Omaha. Independent Study with Douglas R. White.
  3. KinSources:Omaha Omaha.ged from OmahaCL.xls and P-OMA.TXT shrinks 1450 people / 879 marriages / 7 generations to a bicomponent of 205 marriages. Pajek k-balance shows a tendency for 8-balanced exogamous groups that have 3 main larger groupings, consistent with the general model of 8-10 phratries, internally connected by male lines. A next step of analysis would examine Peter Thompson's mapping of the chiefly groups to see how they distribute across these phratries. Data at Dell C:\2