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Open Access in the UC System -- Letter from UCI Provost Howard Gilman re: Open Access in the UC System -- documents: open_access_november_25_2013_UC_System.pdf Opening science: towards an agenda of open science in academia and industry

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Notes by Doug on Open Access

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Letter to Provost and AAA President

To: Mullings, Leith; UCI Provost Howard Gillman; Douglas R. White Subject: Question re: AAA/AA and University of California OPEN ACCESS POLICY

UC Provost Howard Gillman Distinguished Professor Leigh Mullins

Re:Publisher Communications: American Anthropologist and Open Access Policies for University of California Faculty

Dear AAA President Leigh Mullings,

As President of the AAA I'd like to tell you as perhaps you know of the new Open Access Policies in the UC System, and especially the UC OFFICE OF SCHOLARLY COMMUNICATION, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA > UC OPEN ACCESS POLICY > at PUBLISHER COMMUNICATIONS.

I know that the American Anthropologist is moving toward open access publications, but I would hope that the AA and AAA have now moved toward participating in the University of California's new commitments to faculty in this declaration backed by major journals.

I attach the November 2013 letter from our our UCI Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor at altered by only to activate the url links to aspects of the UC open access policies that have been recognized by so many journals and publishers. Perhaps this agreement has already been implemented, but I cc: to Professor and EVC Howard Gillman who will also have this answer. Perhaps either of you could respond that question for me because as the progenitor of three eScholarship Journals, founder of one (1985-) and current editor of another (2005-), I would to document the change in our eJournal pages and also communicate the change to potential American Anthropologist authors.

Independent of the question of change for the AA, the change also makes a great difference for a Wiley Companion volume in a major subfield of Anthropology where I've been asked to be lead editor, where I'd like to see many of those chapter authors have Open Access options for the UC and Anthropology chapter authors some short years after the Wiley volume is published.

Thank you and Sincerely


-- Doug White


Open Access Day (old)