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Dear eScholarship Editors/Administrators, We are writing regarding the transition of your unit or journal to eScholarship's new submission and publishing system. We will be making your site available for you to review early next week and will send you an update with more specific information on Monday. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to working with you! Best regards, justin gonder eScholarship Operations Coordinator California Digital Library 510.987.9869

Justin Gonder <>

OJS discussion

OJS does look good. I didn't use the old system very extensively so perhaps it was better than I'm imagining, but I went through the recorded webinar and OJS looks like it's more fit for our purposes. I like the idea of expanding the editorial roles. I took on an associate editor for History and Anthropology whose job is to do an initial read through of the manuscripts that are roughly in his area of expertise and it's been really useful. I would think this could be a good thing good PhD students since it gives them a CV enhancer and as we get more submissions it ensures that we don't start falling behind.

Book reviews is a great idea. It's not so much that I read masses of book reviews, but it's the sort of thing that promotion/tenure committees can take into account and I'm assuming that the kinds of books we would review might have a hard time getting reviewed in helpful ways by many anthro journals.

If memory serves, Doug, you aren't a big fan of the AAA meetings. If that's wrong and you are planning to be in Montreal, then perhaps we could organise a meeting of as many of the editorial board of S&D as are present and try and fire up some enthusiasm for the kinds of expansion you've described. Even if you want to avoid the AAA, by the way, we have reserved a separate hotel and have some meeting room/s there which we could probably book. I think you could spend an enjoyable 2 or 3 days in beautiful Montreal among the SAS/SASci crowd (which might be just as argumentative, but perhaps less irritating).

Best, steve lyons

The OJS platform is very good ... I have looked at this a lot and it is a lot better than the current system. Book reviews definitely.

Other things that might want another venue altogether: Reviews of online videos useful for presentations and teaching might also be something to consider, along with 'solutions' section, reviewing small bits of kit like the new Sony GPS that will inscribe the geo-reference info on digital photos taken while it is on. But these may be too bitty for the journal. Guess I'll have to dust the mission statement off and consider how things might move forward.

Also second Stephen's suggestion of a Montreal fest ... we could consider even at this point a SASci only session at our meeting Hotel.