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Dear Doug

  • Attached is an amended version of the document with some other possible entries ... these are just suggestions, though I would particularly recommend the Metadata entry and the Kinsources entry, metadata because it is a critical issue and will become even more critical in environments and portals such as the gateway, and Kinsources simply because it is a source of over 100 datasets, and we hope 200 by the time this companion would be published.
  • If what you have in mind is my constructing some lessons for the ssg I would be pleased to contribute there.
  • Indicated in last post some areas I could contribute to in the Wiley articles. Will look over the SocSci Gateway project some more, but could certainly would like to contribute to this,
  • --------------------On 26 Oct 2012, at 22:49, Doug White wrote:

want to hear where you want to engage on our Wiley articles and SocSci Gateway projects - have you used ooVoo?

DELETE: Too far afield

    • Comparative Field Projects
      • ??? Long Term Studies (Robert V. Kemper out of play)
      • ??? Coordinated Fieldwork Studies (Joseph Henrich et al. 15-society dataset