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This video center was closed by UCSD Admin in 2010

Below are the UCSD technical Videoconferencing Specifications

Everyone call into same IP number:

Lifesize phone video SDSC
peggy wagner 4-5121

Distance Learning Center Specifications
Codec: Polycom VS8000
Software: Revision 2.5
IP Ethernet (H.323)
Standards: H.320, H.323 & H.264
IP Address:
Room phone numbers: (858) 534-7701 & (858) 534-7702
Room capacity: 35-45 people
Adobe Acrobat connect might work for a remote talk from a PC or Mac.

Yes the rumors seem to be true as we are losing our small subsidy that helped fund our Distance Learning and Videoconference Facility along with my own position. The decision to close the room will eliminate other services as well from our room which we have been providing for the university. These include ISDN Audio interview services we provided for so many NPR and BBC interviews with UCSD's faculty, and Videoconferencing services for the general campus. Our decision in our business model to always provide an engineer to facilitate and operate the sessions allows our instructors and users to just come in and get down to business without having to learn anything about the operation and deal with any technical problems that may arise. I feel that has been a big part of the rooms success over the past 18 years.

What I am trying to do now is to see if there is support to keep the room at its current location and to help fund its operation and staffing (myself) if possible? We have been supporting 6-10 classes per quarter out of our facility and though it is not currently HD in format it could be upgraded as our displays are all HD.

I was going to talk to you about if you felt there would be any interest in continuing the support our facility under possibly your departments oversight at CAL IT? I know you currently do a lot of your own videoconferencing but Distance Learning is a different animal and the need for a classroom to deliver and capture content using a variety of new digital tools is and will be a growing service for our campus in the future. This is why I feel I would like to see a department step up to save it in some form. I am not sure if there is any interest on your part?

As for your questions regarding capturing basically we are using Flash to capture and make files of the interactive sessions. The files after the classes are hosted on our server and we allow access by other departments to either copy and move these files or link the files to their own web sites for viewing. Doug White has been doing this for years from our facility and enjoys the experience as he has probably mentioned.

Feel free to contact me with further questions or interest.