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Draw commands

Pajek64-XXL no draw menu - Pajek says "MtxVec.Vml4d.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling....

Problems with installation

CreateFile failed; code 5. Acccess is denied.

Molecular graphs and 3D successors

Vlado - does Pajek have a successor such as Jmol to replace Chime MDL formats?
If so, is there any transfer of Chime files to Jmol or something similar?
Doug White
 No. For 3D visualization Pajek is currently supporting X3D (replacement for VRML) 
 - we recommend the viewer/player from  and kinemages (compatible with the
 new King viewer (successor of Mage) ). The other formats are still kept, 
 but may be we should remove them because they are becoming outdated.
For instantreality I found a CGV demo for Thursdays 4PM (Graz Austria time zone) at 
CA Summer time of 8AM CA is 4PM Graz. (see their time zone
CA Winter time of 07AM CA is 4PM Graz. (note on calendar)

New in v127

Export to SVG modified: picture is drawn in several layers to make further editing with InkScape easier Manual

Pajek in the Mac

Start ( ) wine (Wine)
Find Pajek file


2007 Short Introduction Tom Snijders

Convert Ore to Pgraph

its save as GED import GED as Pgraph

Pajek tutorials

Link analysis with pajek Nataša Kejžar, FDV, University of Ljubljana (

2007 Tutorial - Mark Round - Report on tutorial

Google: all Pajek tutorials - last count 128

Book and the Authors

de Nooy W., Mrvar A., Batagelj V.: Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek, CUP, 2005. Amazon.

Pajek wiki - download

Listserve archive: by thread, subject, author

Vladimir Batagelj Batagelj pubs

Andrej Mrvar x

Pajek with R


Chemscape chime

This works for iExplorer

Consanguineous marriage graph

Klaus: The "matrimonial network" is what you are looking for (a network entirely made up of matrimonial circuits, e.g. of consanguineous marriage circuits). See