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Past talks, events, and highlights

see also: the InterSciWiki:Community Portal, our Current events, and our University of California Complexity Events

The Human Sciences and Complexity Seminars began in 2005-2006 on a biweekly basis through intercampus interactive video-meetings. They are in their fourth year. The seminar wiki,, has a diverse and multidisciplinary speaker list, with emphases on empirical, simulation, network-dynamical, and mathematical modeling of complex processes in the full range of human sciences. UC Davis CSC joins UCSD, UCI and UCLA in 2008-2009 along with participants from complexity research centers. past talks index

Upcoming webcasts


These are past talks in the complexity videoconference that are discussed or to be discussed (post your own choices! and discussion headings) in this wiki.


Webcasts and presentations from the Seminar Series on Behavioral, Social, and Computer Sciences

Gerd Gigerenzer, Director, Max Planck Institute for Human Development Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious - Streaming video DONT USE VPN

Other Streaming videos on-demand are available for each talk at the www site along with the pdf powerpoint of the talk

Carl P. Simon, Director, CSCS, Michigan Simplicity in Complexity: Complex Systems Approaches Across Disciplines CUT AND PASTE TO YOUR BROSWER rtsp://

Mark S. Handcock Director, Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences, U. Washington CUT and PASTE rtsp://

Michalis Faloutsos, UC Riverside, Computer Science The Internet Is Like A Jellyfish

Halbert White, UCSD Economics A Unified Framework for Defining and Identifying Causal Effects see Causality

Padhraic Smyth , UCI Computer Science Automated Analysis of Relations between Words, Entities, Topics, and Documents using Statistical Topic Models Text Analysis

Dario Nardi Founding member, Human Complex Systems Program The Multiple Models Approach: Burning Man as a Case Study for the Synergistic Use of Memes Theory, Cultural Theory, and Multi-Agent Mapping

Natasa Przulj, UCI, Bren Information and Computer ScienceProtein-Protein Interaction Networks: Issues, Models, and Comparisons

Arthur Griffin, Cotsen Institute, and Charles Stanish, Director, Cotsen Institute A simulation model of Lake Titicaca Basin settlement patterns circa 2500 BC - AD 1000

Douglas R. White, UCI, Chair, Social Dynamics and Complexity, IMBS Civilizations as dynamic networks: Cities, hinterlands, populations, industries, trade and conflict

B Larry Li, UCR, Ecology Ecological Complexity and Sustainability

Material anchors for conceptual blends Wikipedia:Edwin Hutchins, UCSD, Cognitive Science

The Evolution of Technology within a Simple Computer Model, Wikipedia:W. Brian Arthur, Santa Fe Institute

The Role of Robustness Mechanisms in the Evolution of Social Complexity, Jessica Flack, Santa Fe Institute

Humans are by nature political animals: New evidence and arguments, Darren Schreiber, UCSD Political Science

Molecular Anthropology: Application of Analysis of Mitochondrial Variation toward Understanding the Origins of Humans and Their Culture, Doug Wallace, UCI, Director, MAMMAG

The Emergence of Parties: An Agent-Based Simulation, Darren Schreiber, UCSD Political Science

Endogamy, adultery and homosexuality: an ethnographic perspective on the Bloomsbury Group, Wikipedia: Adam Kuper, UC London, Anthropology

Explaining Corporate Governance Systems, Wikipedia:Peter Gourevitch, UCSD Political Science

Supreme Court Networks of Precedents, Wikipedia:James Fowler, UCSD Political Science James Fowler home

The Co-Evolution of Pro-Social Norms and the Market, Jean Ensminger, Cal Tech, Anthropology

Simulating the foraging behavior of criminals see Simulation, Jeffrey Brantingham, UCLA Anthropology

Evolutionary Models of Color Categorization Based on Discrimination, Kim Jameson et al., UCI Color Lab

COMMENTS ON WHITE'S "A Unified Framework for Defining and Identifying Causal Effects" see Causality, Wikipedia:Judea Pearl, UCLA Computer Science

The Dynamics of Deterrence Wikipedia:Mark A. R. Kleiman, Public Policy, UCLA School of Public Affairs

Variation in Human Cultural Practices Wikipedia:Jared Diamond, UCLA, Geography

The Evolution of Cultural Kinship: A non-Darwinian Odyssey Dwight Read, UCLA, Anthropology, Co-Director, Human Complex Systems

Organizational Complexity, Linguistic Anthropology, and Narrative Michael Agar, Ethknoworks LLC

Invited speaker: Wikipedia:Bonnie Nardi

Note: speakers listed at the top have wiki pages, anyone is free to create wiki pages for other speakers or for themselves.

Other presentations

HSC Graduate Student Presentations

Past events

IMBS faculty Doug White, and ABD grad students in IMBS Laurent Tambayong and Amer Aladhadh, report in the wiki pages on their participation in the 2007 Paris ISC-PIF Complexity summer school:

  • Part I, July 30-August 10: Advanced Thematic Introductions
  • Part II, August 11-August 26: Theory and Practice

A number of the participants in the events in Paris have joined our core of wiki users, loosely defined as those who have logins or have edited our pages. The Category:InterSci Authors link at the bottom of this page has some of the topics discussed. It is hoped that more of the ISC-PIF lecturers and faculty as well as participants in the summer school will join in the complexity wiki community, which complements the inter-institutional network structure of complexity sciences that is well organized by tiki sites in Europe and other wikis in the US and elsewhere.

Some Foundations in Complex Systems: Tools and Concepts by David P. Feldman (Physicist, University of the Atlantic) at the SFI Complex Systems Summer School July 2005, Beijing, China.

Readings from the SFI 2006 Beijing CSSS include Andreas Wagner, Henry Wright (lecturer), Dave Feldman (lecturer), Cosma Shalizi (lecturer), Li Shuzhuo & Marcus W. Feldman (lecturers), Jim Crutchfield (lecturer), Hao Bai-lin, Lee Altenberg (lecturer), William S-Y. Wang & James W. Minett (lecturers), Van Savage (lecturer), Michelle Girvan (lecturer), and Herbert Gintis.

Archive of Calit2 talks