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Application for Historical Complexity, Dynamics, and Partial Causalities

I deeply discussed with Doug Wednesday until afternoon about the folllowing project:,_Dynamics,_and_Partial_Causalities

Doug need a letter of cooperation from one organism among a list comprising EHESS. Thus it can be ISC-PIF.

You can phone me or Doug (Hotel Chatillon 01 45 42 31 17 room 23) for more information. I suggest that Doug can also modify the letter.


  • Project of Cooperation with ISC-PIF (UPR xxx, EHESS)

ISC-PIF will be very interested by a cooperation about the project : "Historical Complexity, Dynamics, and Partial Causalities". ISC-PIF has some theories and methods for assimilating historical data by multilevel models, even in the case of noised and incomplete dynamical data. The methods are linked to bayesian theories and can be compared through the large framework of information geometry. The results coming from the comparison of methods of information geometry will give some deep insight on partial causalities.

(It is a little short, I have no force to continue but you can both complete it)

Some of Paul's favorite theorists

Autonomie sociale
Social Autonomy the tendency to assert one's opinion in the face of opposition


01 45 52 61 89

paul.bourgine < at >

Directeur de l'Institut des Systèmes Complexes (ISC)

2007 roadmap for complex systems

Dear Doug,

You are correctly registered as CSS member. If you want to participate to CSS election it's here:

If you want to create a website, it is here: (and also lists all orgs and websites)

It that what you want to do ?

Kind regards,