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 this historic "moneybomb" could soon be worth up to 3,436x what you put in — or more

Why $11.7 Quadrillion Could Suddenly Disappear From The International Banking System [Read this now... by Nov. 20 it may be too late] Dear Money Morning Member,

Their private slush funds & their interest-free loans from Uncle Sam will disappear.

• In China • Singapore • Bermuda • And all over Europe

But where will all the money go?

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Robert Williams Publisher, Extreme Alpha

P.S. How much money are we talking about here? Our research suggests that 28 million "Americans" could benefit the most from this. When you do the math, that averages roughly $417 million on the line here for each of them! But there's a twist you MUST know in order to potentially benefit before Nov. 20... Did you read between the lines in Trump's LEAKED Wall St. Journal interview?

Can’t you just hear him saying it now?

Trump "I will dramatically lower taxes for 28 million 'Americans' by November 20, 2017”...

“But you won’t benefit, unless you do this right now”...

“If you’re a trader, this could also multiply your money by unprecedented levels"...

headline banner2 Dear Reader,

Donald Trump is about to sign the biggest tax cut in U.S. history.

How can I be so sure?

Because he just said so himself:

Trump tweet 1 And while you may have heard a few breadcrumbs about this new tax plan from the media, I’m willing to bet you there’s one big meatball you haven’t heard about at all:

What’s actually in Trump’s new tax plan.

And why it could turn every $2 into as much as $6,000 in a matter of weeks.

But that’s no surprise...

Whether it’s CNN, or the New York Times, or even Fox News... if it’s not a secret meeting with Russians, or a secret meeting about healthcare reform, they ain’t got time for it.

(If you want to be famous in the fake news for a week, you should probably go ahead and have a secret meeting with Russians about healthcare.)

But this is real news that could change the way America does business forever.

Because as we concluded -- based on our own independent research -- the simple fact is that Donald Trump is about to enact a tax cut with 11.7 QUADRILLION DOLLARS in corporate funny money.

To be more precise:


And this is much more than the biggest tax cut in U.S. history…

It’s also the most targeted.

Because this massive tax cut will ONLY impact a very special group of 28 million Americans. To put that number in perspective, that group is equivalent to just 8.7% of the total population of our country.

President Trump did NOT leak the direct statement attributed in the quotation above. But our investigators say he might as well have…

REVEALED BELOW: News sources like Bloomberg, Forbes, CNBC, and the Wall St. Journal are speculating about an event that could quickly become one of the greatest money-making opportunities EVER.

HOW YOU COULD WIN BIG: Our proprietary trading formula shows how this historic "moneybomb" could soon be worth up to 3,436x what you put in — or more.

DISCLAIMER: Investing is risky, and even the best predictions can turn out differently than you expect. No investment gain is guaranteed. Please don't put money at stake on this recommendation that you can't afford to lose.

If you do the math, that means, on average:

Every single “person” in this targeted group could stand to make the equivalent of $442 million if the Trump tax cuts take effect by November 20

That’s enough for a lifetime of staggering wealth.

Heck, it’s more than enough for a hundred lifetimes.

So with numbers like that on the line, I bet you’re wondering just WHO those 28 million people are…

Here’s a hint.

Most of them have never met each other.

But if you gathered them all together into one place, it would be the second largest state in the Union.

(About the same size as Texas.)

An entire state full of potential 28 million mega-millionaires… wouldn’t somebody have noticed by now?

Good question.

But here’s an even better question…

Why aren’t you one of them?

Because you’re only human, that’s why.

See, the special group of Americans who will benefit from the most from Trump’s new tax plan this fall aren’t regular people like you and me...

They’re corporations.

But with one little “magic wand”, the Trump administration is proposing a way for any individual or small business to “reclassify” and thus could eventually qualify for similar tax cut benefits to the ones that corporations usually get. (And are probably about to get EVEN MORE than ever.)

You can read between the lines and see the signs in the new tax package he hinted about in that leaked Wall St. Journal interview…

Did Trump sell out?

Maybe. I’m not a political analyst.

I’m just here to tell you the facts, and show you the profit opportunities behind those facts.

Facts like:

This could be the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of capitalism.

Remember, when you average out the financial impact, EACH of these 28 million American corporations stands pocket $442 million from Trump’s new tax plan.

Some will make even more.

But that’s not why I’m writing you today.

I’m writing because I want to show you how you could benefit from it..

It sounds crazy, but I’ve done the research, and I’m willing to bet my entire track record on it.

Because, if you know exactly where to look...

President Trump has left the backdoor open for ANY American to piggyback off of this new tax policy

Will you personally profit $442 million yourself?

Probably not, since the majority of Americans don’t have the same start-up capital as the corporations who stand to benefit but

That depends mainly on how much you’re willing to put on the table.

(Before you can profit like a corporation, you need to learn to think like a corporation…)

But according to my team’s proprietary research, by putting up the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM:

You could turn every $2 you invest into as much as $6,872 And every $292 you invest into a cool million While paying lower taxes on your profits than you EVER have before All with the click of a button!

You’ll be surprised how fast the whole process goes… there’s a small bit of paperwork, but it actually takes less than two minutes from start to finish to get started.

That’s why I won’t be surprised if you put in more than $2. Maybe even more than $292.

After all...

This is a historic opportunity to grab a 343,592% trading gain almost overnight.

Most Americans won’t.

Honestly, most Americans won’t even know this ever happened.

Even the ones who do, will probably spend most of their energy debating whether it’s right or wrong.

And that’s fine… for them.

But you’re probably thinking--- wait back up---

$2 into $6,872?

$292 into $1 million dollars?

That’s unlikely, isn’t it?

Sure, a gain like 343,592% almost overnight would be unlikely at best. A long shot is more like it.

You’re probably wondering, with accurate skepticism, how on Earth we think there’s chance this could happen?

Well pay close attention.

Blockbuster gains are not the real story here…

I’m keeping my focus on this tidal wave of $11.7 QUADRILLION worth of cash that’s is about to wash ashore to our country.

And I suggest you do the same.

So over the next few minutes, I’ll show you exactly how ordinary Americans like you and can claim your share when it arrives by November 20.

How the President will “supervise” from his penthouse at Trump Tower, as the world's biggest boatload of cash comes home to port

By the way, Trump does have a way to pay for all of this...

It’s just a different way than we’ve ever seen before. Because this event is bigger than we’ve ever seen before.

Remember, this could be a bigger tax break than any President since Ronald Reagan has ever put into place.

The amount of dollar bills that could theoretically be at play here would make your eyes bug out...

If you loaded them into a fleet of armored Brink’s trucks, you’d need 299,000 trucks just to carry it all.

End to end, that’s a traffic jam that would stretch all the way down I-95 from Trump Tower to the White House.

And back.

Heck, if you put this amount of money in a giant duffel bag... then stood on top of Trump’s penthouse, and just shook it out... it would be enough to blanket the entire island of Manhattan.

A foot deep.

They’d need to clear it with snow shovels.

So you can bet that President Trump is asking for some pretty “yuge” compromises in return from the CEOs getting the tax break.

Compromises that could allow you to grab everything you’ve ever wanted.

Because there’s a part of you that operates on pure instinct, isn’t there?

A part of you that just goes for it.

A part that takes what it wants, then heads to the beach and leaves the rest of your brain to work out the precise equations & formulas to satisfy you that everything is fair & square.

And let’s admit -- that’s the part that’s been truly responsible for every success you’ve had in your life so far.

So yes, I know this all sounds extreme. Maybe even extremely nuts.

I thought so too.

Until I used the rest of my brainpower to quadruple-check the precise formula below.

trump penthouse 'Drop the money at the door, or you're fired.'

Now I'm all-in...

In fact, I believe in this single trade so much... I'm prepared to make you a legally-enforceable guarantee that puts our entire business at risk...

I’m 100% sure ANYONE who takes advantage of this trade right now will earn extreme profits. But in the event that DOESN’T happen… I’ll “cover” my readers today up to $750 million.

That’s up to $1 million dollars in customer credit for each person who signs up to get my full research alerts today.

(Meaning that even if I’m wrong, and you don’t make a quick profit from this historic trade, you could still make out like a bandit today. All the fine-print details are below.)

I had to work pretty hard -- for my entire career -- to get myself in a position where I could back my promises with this type of money.

I worked for one of those big corporations that's about to get an island-sized tax break. I've also networked with some of the most sophisticated hedge fund managers in the world. I was a budding analyst for the owner of a major sports franchise you watch on TV every Sunday, too.

Rob image 1 I've even enjoyed "shout outs" in 3 different business books. You get the picture.

And now I’m putting this credibility all-in…

On you.


If it so happens I’m wrong?

You’ll still get a good deal.

(Please don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose. But my customer credit refund guarantee below could give you a “win” even if this trade doesn’t turn out your way. And to be clear, you can also take advantage of that credit refund even if you don’t invest at all.)

Doesn’t matter if I’m the big boss right now, I'll be relentlessly laughed at if I'm wrong today.

But I’m not worried a bit -- because I’m CONFIDENT you’ll see a winner.

That’s how convinced I am that this mathematically precise, easy-to-execute trade will be the single biggest winner in American history.

How precise?

Right to the 15th decimal.

How easy?

I timed it for you this morning:

This trade took me exactly 1 minute and 47 seconds to set up, from typing in my password on the brokerage site, to hovering my finger over the EXECUTE button


Anybody can do it. Doesn’t matter what broker you use, online or offline, or what type of account you have. And the minimum up-front investment is peanuts. Just $2, actually. But that $2… placed with any broker in less than 2 minutes… could create a lifetime’s worth of wealth by November 20th.

Because the world could be in for a BIG surprise starting that day:

In Washington DC, political elites will be STUNNED when they realize Donald Trump has completely 'hacked' our tax system. On Wall Street, hedge fund managers will be SHOCKED as the stock market starts a massive bull run And on Main Street -- and more importantly on Your Street -- 300 million Americans are going to feel the bitter sting of REGRET Because they all missed out.

On grabbing their own little slice of this $11,711,915,600,000,000 pie when it was just sitting right there for the taking.

But that doesn’t have to be you.

When you see how I came to this “could-be” number with my H.E.I.S.T. formula in just a minute, I suspect you’ll see the potential here and act to claim your share right away.

(And maybe even someone else’s share, too. Because a lot of people around you won’t have the guts to take action.)


But guys like them never do, right?

Why Congress can’t -- and won’t -- stop this from happening

You’re probably wondering what role Congress will play in this massive corporate tax giveaway.

And that’s smart.

No tax legislation can pass without their approval.

And as we’ve see with the never-ending attempts to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, all it takes is a solid wall of Democrats… plus a few super-conservatives in the House with a bone to pick… and a few Republican moderates in the Senate looking to stick their noses deeper in the pork barrel…

To knock Congress right off the rails.

But the fact is, the embarrassing boondoggle that has resulted from the health care bill only makes me MORE confident that Trump’s corporate tax cuts will be passed into law in very short order…

I know that sounds surprising, but you don’t have to take my word for it.

For one thing, Trump is actually putting his full weight behind this package of potentially sweeping tax cuts. (I already showed you one of his most recent tweets to prove it.) For another thing, Congress will stop at nothing to pass it. (They even delayed their end-of-summer vacation to make sure they have enough time -- when does that ever happen?) According to a recent interview that Trump gave to the Wall Street Journal, that was then LEAKED by a certain D.C. swamp rat to Politico, this is all moving FAST...

Gary Cohn, Director of the White House National Economic Council, told interviewers that the Trump administration will partner with Congress to finalize their tax plan by this fall.

I can probably guess what you’re thinking…

Congress couldn’t pass any version of an Obamacare repeal after trying four or five different times…

So you might be wondering just WHY I’m so convinced Republicans will finally put their differences aside to pass tax cuts.

The hard truth is that they’ve blown through their honeymoon period…

It’s almost 2018.

The midterms.

It doesn’t matter to me whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat or an independent... Truth is, I’m not a political analyst.

But if the Congressional Republicans have to return home to campaign for the midterms…

And they’ve done NOTHING they said they would do…

They’re going to have a lot of explaining to do to the voters who elected them.

And NO politician wants to go home for an election branded as a loser, as somebody who can’t get things done.

That’s how you get thrown out of office. Doesn’t matter if it’s by the Democrats or by your own political party. Just ask Luther Strange.

But one thing is for sure, with health care out of the way once and for all...

Congress will have plenty of time to pass this legislation before their NEXT recess on Nov. 9.

And you can bet they won’t postpone their own vacation twice.

Now normally I wouldn’t put much weight behind this sort of political grandstanding, but there’s one other little fact I forgot to mention…

Cohn is a Goldman Sachs man.

So is Trump’s Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin. (You might have heard a bit about his wife's taste for luxury fashion this week.)

Jared Kushner is in thick with Goldman as well.

But that’s just the beginning...

Goldman Sachs runs our government -- and this is how they’re going to cash in

Before taking a job in the Trump administration, Cohn served as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Goldman Sachs for more than a decade.

In case you’re not aware, Goldman Sachs has been called the Harvard of investment banks, and is widely regarded as the most powerful financial entity in the United States…

If you look at a roster of Goldman’s alumni, it’s a veritable who’s who of the American political scene, including Gary Cohn, Steve Mnuchin, plus Steve Bannon (Trump’s still-influential ex strategy guru)...

And that’s on top of four FORMER Treasury Secretaries, countless deputy secretaries, and even Congressmen.

No really, check it out. This is a photo array of current U.S. Treasury officials:

Goldman Sachs Officials And this is a photo array of former Goldman Sachs vice presidents:

Goldman Sachs Officials Can you spot the difference?

You can’t.

Because there is none. Those are the same exact guys!

Goldman’s reach extends far enough that the Times Dealbook released an exposé, calling the company “Government Sachs,” and noting that top-level Goldman alumni have been present in EVERY administration for the past three decades…

Obama, Bush, and Clinton ALL gave major financial roles to Goldman alumni. And now Trump has gone even further.

I’m sure you agree that it takes a hell of a lot to get Republicans and Democrats to come together on ANYTHING anymore…

But Goldman Sachs has been able to build this power base in Washington D.C., brick by brick, for the past quarter of a century.

In fact, former Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson was literally the man cutting checks behind the $700 billion bailout of the U.S. financial system in 2008…

So while financial companies like AIG, Lehman Brothers, Bear Sterns, and Wachovia went underwater, Goldman Sachs turned a profit that year!


Now, I’m not saying this kind of influence is right or wrong. Remember, I’m NOT a political analyst.

But as a student of history, it’s become very clear that Goldman Sachs gets what Goldman Sachs wants...

And what “Government Sachs” wants is massive corporate tax cuts. Now.

Not a travel ban, or a replacement for Obamacare. Not a wall on the Mexican border, or a middle finger to the Paris climate agreement.

These are investment bankers. They run our government. They’ve waited patiently all year since Trump took office. And there’s only ONE thing they care about.

Only one thing they ever cared about…

Getting paid.

More specifically, a corporate tax cut for all of their cronies.

(And anyone else smart enough to get in on it -- like you can today.)

They’re even out in full force trying to convince the media that any tax cuts are is for a good cause. As Vanity Fair reported recently:

rip quote 3 Look, this this is not a matter of if tax reform in some form is on the horizon.

It’s a matter of when…

Just take a look at this new tweet from Paul Ryan to see what I mean...

Paul ryan tweet And the Speaker of the House isn’t the only one in a hurry…

Senator majority leader Mitch McConnell was perfectly happy for one of his hatchet men to tell Politico:

"This is much deeper than health care. We need to get to tax reform."

But remember, what REALLY matters here is how YOU can get your piece of this pie.

And secure your chance to turn every $2 you invest into as much as $6,000.

All you have to do is see the calculations we’ve made below in our H.E.I.S.T. formula. They show the power of President Trump’s “money bomb” … and why it could unleash quadrillions in wealth…

My track record is on the line here.

So I’d prefer to be 100% sure that you won’t actually need to call in my up-to-$1 million customer credit guarantee.

And I’d prefer to be 100% sure that you’re going to see us book a WINNER.

That’s why I asked my team of trading analysts to show me the full math behind their research.

Yes, this team includes the world’s premier venture capital analyst … the hidden puppet master behind some of Wall Street’s biggest IPOs… and an inner-circle “big business” expert… who all LIVE to uncover whale trades like this one for me.

But I was still skeptical -- at first.

Because the numbers here were just too big.

Their modeled certainty factor, based on historical inputs, was just too high.

After all, this research team was “only” right on 77% of their entered and closed trades last year.

(To put that into context, Marketocracy, a firm that audits the performance of America’s top investors, says that “a winning percentage of 66%” for these trades “would be excellent and rank among the best.”)

Yes, that means their 77% win rate makes my research team pretty much legendary. That’s why I hired them.

But this is my home run swing.

And yours too.

So we can’t afford to be just 77% right.

Good thing their H.E.I.S.T. formula -- and all the data charts below -- are SCREAMING for us to go big or go home on this one.

These mathematical calculations suggest you could make 3,436 times your money on this trade darn near overnight.

Let’s peek under the hood for a minute and see why.

HEIST Table 1 I understand this mathematical notation is new for you, so I’m about to walk you through it one step at a time.

And yes, it spells “heist.” My trading team has a weird sense of humor. What can I say? You hire nerds, you get nerd jokes.

But this is no joking matter to me.

It’s my track record on the line.

So after their initial presentation the other day, I combed through all their numbers again…



And then I put them into the formula again.

(I won’t tell you how many times. It would make me seem O.C.D.)

But every time, I got back the exact same result…

Data that suggests this event could trigger the trade of the century… and the only trade recommendation I’ve ever been willing to stake my entire track record on it.

Now I’m about to lay it all out there so you can decide for yourself…. Is this for real?

I'm fully convinced this will Trump anything we've ever seen before. But you'll have to decide for yourself.

We could always be wrong about the extremity of some of these numbers.

Like I said, we’re basing this data set on past historical events that created moneybombs of their own.

Bottom line... whether or not this formula is correct, I truly believe that Trump’s moneybomb will open doors for everyday investors to book “yuge” returns.

Maybe as soon as November 20th, maybe a bit later.

So call it the Presidential “Money Bomb.” Call it the Quadrillion Dollar No-Brainer. Call it the H.E.I.S.T. Formula. Call it a cab for all I care.

At the end of the day...

You’ll just call it the little math problem that showed you a potential fortune

Let’s go over these numbers right now, so you can decide if you want to get to your broker as quickly as possible today.

Starting with the H...


Most people don’t know this, but as it currently stands, American corporations have stashed away more than $2.75 trillion of profits in overseas bank vaults…

And we estimate that they’re adding roughly another trillion EVERY YEAR to these hidden piggy banks.

For certain companies -- household names like General Electric, IBM, Exxon, Pfizer, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson -- that’s equal to the value of most of their profits.

In fact, for companies that have made their big profits more recently, like Apple and Google, it’s just about every penny they’ve EVER earned.

That money is not being used to create new jobs and economic growth here in America…

It’s not being used by companies to pay down the debt they owe…

And it’s certainly not being used to pay dividends to their mad-as-hell shareholders.

It’s just sitting there…

In Dublin, and in Tokyo…

Even in Moscow…

Doing nothing. Earning nothing. (Nothing for Americans, anyway.)

And even if these corporate CEOs WANTED to do something useful with this money, they simply CAN’T.

drawer Due to a headache-inducing technicality no president from George Washington to Barack Obama ever got around to fixing, $2.5 trillion in U.S. profits is currently stashed overseas. Quite a lot of it on the books of these "dummy" offices that companies like Apple keep in Dublin, Ireland. But our new President knows a thing or two about tax loopholes.

You see, the very second they bring their trillions back to America, they immediately agree to pay Uncle Sam a “repatriation” tax of up to 35% on each and every dollar and cent.

They may be corrupt, but one thing American CEOs are not is stupid…

They don’t want to pay more taxes than they have to.

(That would mean the board of directors sticking knives in their back. Plus their own bonuses would be smaller. And most important of all, it’s actually illegal for them to do anything that doesn’t maximize long-term earnings for their companies.)

Long story short:

If American companies bring their cash back to America, they get slapped with a 35% tax. But if they just stash it all overseas, they NEVER pay taxes. So you may find yourself agreeing with Donald Trump that this policy makes no sense…

Would you pay taxes if you didn’t have to? If paying your taxes was actually illegal?

By the way… the United States of America is one of the only developed countries in the world with this type of “repatriation tax.”

And as you can guess, it places our most successful businesses at a disadvantage to their competitors worldwide.

But let’s stop thinking like a CEO.

And start thinking like Joe Six-Pack.

Let’s call that mountains of cash piled overseas out for what it really is... and what many Americans I know call it…

A massive bailout of financially reckless governments in places like Ireland, Greece, and China.

Because while our companies can’t use their own money to create jobs and make investments here in the U.S.…

Foreigners can use it take advantage of us.

See, foreign banks aren’t just keeping all that money in a mattress. They’re loaning out our money to their own governments at no cost to them… and no benefit us.

It’s like OUR MONEY has been taken hostage.

By some pretty shady characters.

Take Greece. Totally bankrupt. Regular folks can’t even get their money out of the bank. But our $2.75 trillion helps keep the Athens elite rolling in phyllo dough.

Or Ireland. Their whole “economic miracle” is a mirage. But the illusion will continue as long as they have their hands on our trillions.

Even our bitter enemies are benefitting!

The Communist Chinese government just LOVES the interest free loans they get from our overseas cash pile.

It makes me mad as hell.

More importantly, it makes a lot of American voters mad as hell, too.

And whatever you think of Trump, he can’t afford to disappoint his base.

Nobody deserves all this money more than you do. Not the tax-dodging CEOs who ‘stored’ it overseas in the first place. Not the foreign crooks who are now holding it hostage. Not Uncle Sam & the IRS with their loan-shark offer to bring it home ‘safe.’ So you have my permission, whenever it comes back to American soil, to just go ahead and take your share.

Look, you won’t find a hero in this story.

(Other than yourself.)

Just a bunch of villains. And a big bag of money with no rightful owners. A bag that’s now up for grabs, for a brief period of time.

Personally, I don’t care about the politics here.

Yes, the repatriation tax is a stupid idea. But the government has lots of stupid ideas…

What I do care about is making money.

So all we’re trying to establish here are 2 simple facts.

POLITICAL FACT #1: American voters hate the existing corporate tax loophole.

That’s why, according to a new poll conducted in January by one of my researchers on Twitter.com, 79% of us say that we’re ready to deep-six the repatriation tax. See for yourself:

Twitter poll Americans know that foreign elites have been taking advantage of OUR money for too long…

Meanwhile, we’re stuck in a growthless economy with fewer and fewer opportunities to get truly rich…

So when it comes to this issue, most Americans agree that there's a big problem...

Trump tweet 2 POLITICAL FACT #2: American CEOs hate paying taxes.

That’s why they’ve been happy to let their cash pile up overseas for years.

But they also know they can’t get away with it forever.

For them, it’s all about waiting until the best deal comes along. And it’s coming along right now. Check out what Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple just said:

rip quote 1 These two facts add up to a pattern that can’t be ignored.

And in fact, it’s a pattern we’ve seen once before...

The last time a ‘Money Bomb’ like this one exploded, a handful of savvy investors got filthy stinking rich

As Mark Twain once said, history never repeats.

But it does rhyme...

And that’s the MAIN reason I’m going all-in on this trade today.

Yes, the math is compelling, as I’ll show you in a moment. But, so is the history

You see, Donald Trump’s likely corporate tax cut and overseas cash repatriation plan isn’t an entirely new idea.

In 2004 – the LAST time Republicans had full control of the U.S. government – President George W. Bush set off a money bomb of his own…

Just like Trump may be planning to do right now, President Bush sponsored a “tax holiday” bill that temporarily suspended the repatriation tax.

When the Republican-controlled Congress passed the Homeland Investment Act of 2004, American companies almost immediately brought $299 billion dollars back into the United States.

Then they started handing it out like candy...

They quickly gave back $275.08 billion -- a full 92% of their repatriated profits -- by declaring large special dividends for their shareholders, and buying back their own stock at a breakneck speed.

(My senior research analyst called the whole thing before it happened. Just like my team is doing again today.)

That’s why the first building block in our H.E.I.S.T. formula is our Historical baseline.

H = Historical baseline = $275,080,000,000

Even though this 2004 money bomb was much, much smaller than what could happen in 2017, the effect was immense and immediate…

And even if you slept through your economics class, it should be very obvious what happened…

Supply and demand got together for a romantic dinner, and made a beautiful baby bull market…

With mountains of cash showing up in brokerage accounts across the country, and companies competing with everyday investors for their own shares…

The Dow Jones soared by 629 points in less than a month... While the S&P climbed 8.07% in percentage terms.

That’s more than the market index returns in a typical YEAR.

Not bad.

But a year’s worth of profits in a month should be the absolute minimum you settle for today.

So don't be a chicken.

Sorry I’m not being “politically correct” here...

It’s just that having put $750 million of my own bottom-line profits on the line for you today -- that’s up to $1,000,000 in customer credits for EACH person who signs up to receive the full write up on my recommendation right now -- I just don’t have time to waste on anyone with a weak stomach.

If you want extreme returns, keep reading.

If you don’t, feel free to leave right now. Put your floaties on & wade back to the kiddie pool.

Remember… the H.E.I.S.T. formula has complex inputs.

But it has a simple output: 3,436 times your money.

Money stack 1 So if you’re upset you missed the boat in 2004, don’t be.

Yes, the trading method I’m about to show you would have returned a 402% gain during George W. Bush’s money bomb.

That’s a year’s worth of profits in a day. And a lifetime’s worth as soon as November 20th.

Amazing for sure. But still not extreme.

Keep thinking bigger...

Imagine being able to walk away from your job tomorrow, with no need to ever go back (not even to pick up that last paycheck).

Imagine having enough money flow into your retirement portfolio that you could comfortably live to be 150 years old, spending like a maniac the entire time.

Imagine NOBODY in your family ever needing to work again, including your most distant relatives.

All because of what you did with one click of your mouse.

That’s what this opportunity means today.

Because Donald Trump’s money bomb will make George W’s $299 billion look like a squirt gun.

Your chance to make “F-You Money” from the biggest market move in human history

13 years is a pretty long time ago.

In the financial world, it’s an eternity…

So the key to understanding why Donald Trump’s money bomb will be so much bigger than the one that happened in 2004 is to calculate how much corporate cash has been piling up since then.

(While CEOs like Tim Cook, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg waited for the perfect moment to come along. To start the whole process of massive dividends and share buybacks all over again.)

Remember there's $2.75 trillion on the table here. At least.

Let’s even be conservative and say not ALL of that would come back right away.

Using our worst-case historical comparison, let’s lower it to $1.61 trillion.

That’s still 5.84 times the amount of cash that came back last time.

Now let’s plug this into our H.E.I.S.T. formula as the Extremity factor:

E = Extremity factor = 5.84

What this means, conceptually, is that the market should go up by 5.84 times as much as it did during the last repatriation tax holiday.

From today’s levels, that would be a return of 47.12%.

Which would make for the best month in the HISTORY of the stock market.

I’d call that extreme, wouldn’t you?

And my research shows it will all happen before November 20th.

So suffice to say, the amount of money here play DWARFS the last Money Bomb.

In fact, America’s largest companies are far wealthier now than they were in 2004.

CEOs are sitting on record amounts of cash.

Which means it’s time for you and me to discuss the easy-to-execute, hidden-in-plain-sight trading method that could have produced that 1,554% gain the last time…

And a 343,591% gain this time.

That’s 3,436 times your money. Perhaps in a matter of days!

My old pals on Wall Street called that “F-you money.”

And the “F” didn’t stand for fantastic...

It stood for never making any compromises in your life, ever again.

(Keep sight of that as your true goal today, and it’ll get you through the rest of this little math lesson.)

We’ve already seen what happens when we multiply the Historical baseline for repatriation tax holidays by the Extremity factor for the trillions in corporate cash that’s currently sitting in those overseas bank accounts.

But there’s actually another multiplication we need to do, too.

And it’s even bigger.

To see why, we need to look at little-noticed event that happened on Obama’s watch.

Here’s the main idea to keep in mind:

If we’re talking about just a tax holiday… this kind of tax loophole is NOT permanent. The original rate eventually goes back into effect. Whether it’s the next day, the next month, or the next year.

That means if Trump unleashes this Money Bomb as a tax holiday (starting sometime around November 20th), it will likely be your ONLY chance to make these kind of returns for the next decade or more…

In other words, a temporary tax holiday is basically a tax cut followed by a tax increase.

The companies getting the tax cut are suddenly on the clock to stuff as much money as possible into that tax-free ‘duffel bag’ -- before the party is over and the tax increase takes things back to normal.

And that’s exactly what happened in 2012 when President Obama decided to raise taxes on dividends from 15% to 20%.

Companies like Costco and Whole Foods came out of the woodwork to declare special dividends to their shareholders BEFORE taxes went up...

(My team of analysts spotted their intentions early. Thanks to our timely advice and ongoing updates, thousands of smart subscribers were able to rake in massive piles of cash - much more than anyone expected.)

You see, CEOs weren’t content to pay special dividends with just the billions they had on hand. They saw the chance to get one over on Uncle Sam, so they borrowed even more money – often four or five years worth of dividends – and paid it all to their shareholders at once.

Costco alone paid out a $7.00 per share special dividend to avoid the higher taxes… and at the time, it was only paying a $1.10 yearly dividend…

In other words, they paid out their next 6.36 years worth of dividends all in just ONE day.

But Costco was far from alone in adopting this strategy…

Brown-Forman (the maker of Jack Daniels whiskey) paid out 4.3x its annual dividends in one day Westlake Chemical paid 5.2 years worth of dividends in one day for the same reason. Whole Foods paid out 3.6 years worth in a single day. Not to be outdone, Dillard’s paid out a massive 25.0 times its yearly dividend to shareholders in just one day. The list goes on.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal calculated that 190 separate companies paid out big special dividends to help shareholders avoid taxation…

Many of the dividends were even bigger than the ones I just shared. (I stuck to familiar companies you might have heard of.)

In total, over $14.6 billion of special dividends were declared to avoid Obama’s higher dividend taxes...

That’s a lot of money…

And all for an itty-bitty tax hike from 15% to 20% that only affected a handful of Americans in the highest tax bracket...

That’s NOTHING compared to having repatriation taxes for every company in the Fortune 500 go from 0% when Trump’s Money Bomb hits, back up to a full 35% when it's over.

Thanks, Obama. (The hidden upside I’ve kept secret so far…)

It’s basic arithmetic, and part of our H.E.I.S.T. formula

Since a small 5 percentage-point increase from 15% to 20% in just a few individuals’ taxes caused name-brand companies like Costco and Jack Daniels to pay an average of 5 years worth of dividends immediately...

Then a sudden increase from 0% to 35% in every American company’s taxes could easily bring in seven times that much. Putting the next 35 years of profits into play right now.

And if you’re wondering how these companies can afford to pay out their fiscal year 2052 decades before they even book them...

It’s simple. They’ll just borrow it.

They learned how to do this when they responded to Obama’s tax hike five years ago.

Remember, we’re at close to a historic low for interest rates. And as economic experts like James Rickards tell us, those official rates are voodoo -- the cost of borrowing is effectively negative.

So even if Trump’s upcoming tax heist didn’t exist, it actually still makes sense for CEOs to pay out all of their future profits right now. (Especially when they’re personally on the list to benefit.)

Which means the true amount of dividends and share repurchases could be up to 35 times the value of the $2.75 trillion that’s already sitting overseas.

There’s simply no reason for them to wait.

That’s letter “I” in our formula -- the Incentive factor.

I = Incentive factor = 35.00

Now you understand why America’s CEO’s are, right now at this moment, starting to load up literal boatloads of cash to send them across the ocean to Wall Street..

And now you have even more historical evidence that this H.E.I.S.T. formula is pointing to the biggest trade opportunity in Wall Street history.

It’s truly a perfect storm.

But you can watch all of that on the news.

I want to keep the focus on what the good news will be in your own house.

So let’s see how your H.E.I.S.T. today compares to another move you could have (but didn’t) make in the past.

Remember those 190 stocks I mentioned that paid out their money bomb back in 2012?

They’re represented on the left here:

Money stack 2 That’s not a bad payoff for 1 minute and 47 seconds of your time.

I don’t blame you for wanting to learn how to get in as early as possible...

To reverse the popular saying, this is a sprint and not a marathon.

But you’ve still got at least a few minutes left before the starting gun goes off.

And there’s still one more factor we need to briefly discuss, if you want to be completely certain, and completely confident, in my team’s formula math here.

It’s actually the most important one of all.

Plus -- here’s what’s really cool -- you can actually use this method to multiply your gains on almost any trade by 10x, 50x, or even 250x.

Not just on today’s historic “money bomb” event.

But anytime you want.

Before we do that, though, I want to answer another question that’s bound to come up when we talk about numbers so extreme...

OK Bob, I see what did happen in 2004, what did happen in 2012, and what probably will happen in 2017. But why do you trust your trading research team so much? Show me their track record…


Remember my profits are on the line here, too. Up to $1 million in customer credits to cover your own subscription fee (500 times over, actually).

And another million per customer to cover up to 749 of your fellow readers today too.

So it certainly comforts me -- and it should comfort you -- that members of my research team “called” the 2004 and 2012 money bomb events I just showed you.

Out loud, in public, in print.

(They were among just a handful of analysts to do so.)

But in this business, that’s ancient history.

So let’s take a look at just the past few years….

I told you we won with 77% of our entered and closed plays in 2016.

And that according to industry watchdog Marketocracy, that win rate puts us at the top of our professional field.

I gave my research team a few high-fives for that. But it’s not like any of us were doing back-flips.

group meeting My team of Wall Street experts works hard to make you rich. Not every trade is a huge “heist” like this one. But you can take their long-term consistency straight to the bank… they’ve delivered a profit on nearly 7 out of 10 trades… for years and years

Because here’s the thing.

That 77% win rate we just racked up wasn’t a one-off deal, either. Here’s EVERY trade we’ve ever recommended:

You don’t win like that by being a bit lucky. You win like that by being extremely good.

And ever since we launched our Extreme Alpha newsletter three years ago, that’s just what our complete track record proves.

It’s all laid out for you right here below.

The green checks are wins… very often BIG and FAST wins.

The red x’s are losses.

Like I said, we’ve got nothing to hide:

table 2table 3table 4table 5 I’ll go deeper into the details on a few of these trades later -- I’m proud of what my team has delivered over the past few years, and what they’re cooking up for you in 2017.

And I’m even more proud that they make these trade recommendations so EASY to follow for readers like you.

Because I know working through the math of crazy big trades like the one I’ve been telling you about just now can feel like hard work.

But when you have the right team on your side, it’s easy to make the right trades and get rich.

So if you decide that you’re ready for this today, I’ll send you crystal-clear instructions written in plain English.

That way, you can start raking in the dough from your very first day following our trading analysis.

Like James C, who wrote me after making his first profitable trade:

“This was my first trade with you, and I am so excited that the first one was a winner. Eager for the next one.”

Or Mark W., a new trader and new subscriber who “fumbled his way” to a quick gain:

"I'm not a well-trained trader and it's been a long time since I even bought a simple stock online. My first options trade ever, I learned a lot and managed a pretty handsome profit.”

Check out the praise from readers that followed our advice from across our exclusive research services:

Adam R. from Buffalo writes:

I bought your recommendation mid Feb. then went on holiday to the Caribbean on Feb. 24 for two weeks...

When I got back it was up 68%. Paid for my holiday. Thank You. Keep up the good work.

And Olive B. from Wyanet, Illinois agrees:

I subscribed about a year ago but did not start actively trading right away. It is my nature to be cautious so I watched and waited to be comfortable with your suggestions, along with 3 other services I subscribed to, which I have since canceled.

Following your suggestions I have netted over $45,000 to date.

I should mention that past performance is not indicative of future results, and no investment is guaranteed. All investments carry an element of risk, this one included.

Now, our H.E.I.S.T. may take a bit longer than 10 days to play out, and it may not play out at all, but then again…

Based on all of our research, I believe this is your best shot at playing this opportunity. And that the returns are likely to be a bit bigger than we’ve seen in the past here at Extreme Alpha.

(Yeah, I know … understatement of a lifetime!)

Some guys just can’t handle the idea of making 3,436x their money. And this is the one thing that always holds them back...

By this point, you can see that my team researches trades for hundreds upon hundreds of hours. Just to boil down the essentials for you.

And that we’re not afraid to move with conviction when we see a short-term opportunity.

So you can understand why we were been able to sustain our legendary track record, and lead readers to potential profits on 77% of the plays we entered & completed in 2016.

In other words, you can see why taking action on the recommendations my Extreme Alpha team brings you can get you easy wins, fast wins, and regular wins.

But what about big wins?

After all, we’re talking about the biggest win of all today -- a “quadrillion dollar money bomb.”

To squeeze the maximum gain out of a rare opportunity like this, we use our most powerful trading tool of all.

It doesn’t take any hard work. And it can multiply your gains on a winning trade by as much as 10x, 50x, or even 250x. But make no mistake… it DOES NOT involve unconventional investments like foreign currencies, futures, or commodity derivatives. (If you’ve been burned on any of those before, my sympathies.) This is Extreme Alpha, not Exotic Assets.

What we do is:

Take very simple trades That nobody else is talking about (like today’s “H.E.I.S.T.”) Get them right And multiply our gains with the power of leverage We call that our springload factor.

Again, you can use it successfully with just about any market trade.

(We certainly have, as you can see from our track record above.)

But when you add this springload to a trade that’s already historically huge, like this one, the numbers can get very big, very fast.

Which brings me back to the next part of our H.E.I.S.T. formula:

S = Springload factor = 208.36

In other words, with this springload, every $1 becomes $208.36. Every $1,000 becomes $208,360. And so on.

That’s not even our total gain… that’s the number we multiply our total gain by!

And this multiplying factor isn’t made up out of thin air.

It’s based on our historical case study from the smaller 2004 “money bomb” event.

You saw that in all the profit charts above.

Which means you’ve already seen how important the springload factor is.

But check out how much more important it could be if you want to maximize your gains in 2017.

As you can see, investors who make a simple, “unloaded” trade could do quite well.

Remember, you don’t have to buy an exotic asset...

Go ahead, just buy shares in the stock market index. You won’t make an extreme gain like 3,436x your money. Still, I think you’ll be quite happy.

Money stack 3 And if you do bag that “unloaded” gain of as much as 39% by the end of November, then good for you.

I’m glad I could help.


That would mean I have nothing left to say to you today.

That would mean you don’t think in extreme terms like my top-performing research team does.

And that would mean that you & I maybe shouldn’t do business today.

Planning your H.E.I.S.T. today -- how you could make a fortune with just one click


I’ve been in business for more than a decade.

So I know that even with all the evidence I’ve presented … and even with my $1 million “can’t lose” subscriber credit guarantee on the line … most Americans are NOT mentally tough enough to handle this kind of a trade…

It’s just … too much.

Too overwhelming. Too different from the .05% returns on their savings account, or the 4% they can make on bonds. It makes regular “buy and hold” stock investing look like a joyless slog.

In a word, these profit numbers and the risks associated with booking these kind of gains are too extreme.

So they’ll sit on the sidelines, clutching their precious pennies, and bail out at the worst possible moment. Missing out on the life-changing profits they could make with this once-in-a-lifetime trade…

The moment they’ve lost a single penny, they’ll run for the doors...

Or they’ll sell out at a 10% profit and take victory laps, while missing out on the full 343,591% gain this trade has to offer.

If that sounds a little bit like you, hey, I understand...

You need to steady your feet before you take a leap of faith. (Or even in this case, a leap of math.)

You’ll be ready to take action when the time is right, later today.

But if that sounds a lot like you, I’ll repeat myself.

Please stop reading.

Take a cold shower if you need to.

FOR READERS WHO LIKE TO “SKIM” -- My full H.E.I.S.T formula revealed in one place

You’re pretty smart.

(You must be, because you’re still reading this invitation.)

So at this point, you can go ahead and solve my full H.E.I.S.T. formula yourself...

Start with the $275.08 billion plus that came back to the United States during the 2004 Money Bomb…

Multiply that number by 5.84…

Because at this very moment there’s 5.84 times that amount (or more) waiting to bust out of those foreign bank vaults, jump onto a boat, and wave hello to Lady Liberty again...

That makes more than a trillion already.

Now multiply that by 35, to account for the zero-interest debt that CEOs are prepared to take on right now, in order to pay multiple years worth of dividends all at once. During the brief moment that Trump is able to keep this “tax holiday” going…

(Remember, that’s exactly what those CEOs did in 2012. Straight from the same playbook.)

That gets us to $56.2 trillion.

Now for the big kahuna…

Our springload...

208.36 times our gains, with one simple move that most investors are simply too chicken to make, because they don’t have the level of certainty we do.

That brings us to the grand total of our H.E.I.S.T. formula.

T = Total money at play = $11,711,915,600,000,000


Just stating the obvious here, but you’re not going to put a quadrillion dollars in your hot little hand today.

This is just conceptually the total money at play -- based on the historical factors involving former moneybombs, and the other factors we’ve included in our formula.

Full disclosure- the total number we’re suggesting is at play is actually more money than there is in the entire world at this time.

It’s obvious this opportunity will not generate more money than there is in the world. That would be impossible. But that’s what happens when you try to make a mathematical model for something that’s potentially bigger than anything that’s happened before.

(Remember how it was "obvious" that Donald Trump could "never" win the election?)

Simply put, my model shows you the power behind this HEIST event

Because the moral of the story is, if Trump brings corporate tax cuts like we expect, there will be a LOT of money on the table.

Quite possibly more than we’ve EVER seen from this type of “moneybomb.”.

And like I said before, it’s up to you to decide if this formula is for the birds, or if it’s your ticket to a big winner. I just want to make sure you understand the gravity of the situation.

So let’s conclude on a more practical note by calculating the corresponding size of your opportunity.

For our starting input, H, let’s use the historical profit percentage as our baseline, rather than the size of the money bomb itself.

That gets us...

T = Total percentage gain for you = 343,591%

Here, let’s check the math again so we’re completely sure.

After all, there’s a lot at stake here for you and me both!

HEIST Table 2 This whole trade -- and everything it means for you -- starts by simply multiplying a 8.07% market move that was a historical fact, by a series of numerical probabilities.

After all, this is just a series of estimates and potential scenarios we’ve used to come to these extraordinary projections.

You might make a gain that is a fraction of the gain we estimate. You might not book a gain by November 20. You might lose money on this trade.

There are a lot of factors at hand here, and we don’t know any specifics for sure.

Suffice it to say though, if Trump moves forward with corporate tax cuts, fortunes will be made by those who are on the right side of that move.

And it’s looking pretty darn clear that tax cuts are on the horizon…

You can see the headlines right in front of your face every day...

rip quote 2 That’s why I think the more important math formula for you today is this one...

How much dry powder will you load into this money bomb? (You can start with just $2.00. But I’d suggest more.)

I showed you before how $1,000 into this trade today could quickly get you all the way to 3.4 million.

But check this out:

The minimum investment we predict could bag you a cool million here is just $292 The minimum investment to get in AT ALL is just 2 bucks. It’s true -- at least when we checked this morning. (The more people get into this trade, the higher that price goes… that’s why I’m restricting my cover-you guarantee to just 750 readers today.) And according to our H.E.I.S.T. formula you could make $6,872 from that tiny $2 investment. But what if you went all-in with my research? Since your investment decisions are always up to you, you could invest $1 million if you wanted. You could wind up a billionaire by fall. Of course, you’re not going to want to invest more than you can afford to lose… Now, I’ve never met your financial advisor. I don’t even know – or care, frankly – if you have one.

But I’m willing to bet if you do, he doesn’t know anything about the H.E.I.S.T. formula I’ve described to you just now.

(Although you can be sure he’d race to his computer the minute you left his office, to double-check this research scoop for himself.)

I do.

And more than that, I’m willing to put my killer track record on the line to bring you information about an opportunity that he would probably call nuts…

Long story short, this is what I live for.

What my whole research team lives for.

That’s why they call us extreme - Extreme Alpha. As I’ve stressed to you throughout this invitation letter...

Extreme Alpha is NOT for everyone.

If you’re slow to hop on no-brainer profit opportunities, this isn’t for you. If you hesitate before making moves that have the shot at multiplying your money by as much as 10X or even 100X, this isn’t for you. If you don’t trust a 77% win rate on 2016’s placed and closed positions to steer you right, then this definitely isn’t for you. But if you like raking in the dough while the wussies sit on the sidelines, this absolutely is for you.

So what is Extreme Alpha?

Extreme Alpha is my elite research advisory service.

Together with my team, we comb through the world of finance seeking out special situations.

Rare moments - like the one I’ve been telling you about today - where an investor in the right place at the right time with the right trade walks away with unforgettable gains.

It could be a technology breakthrough … a political upheaval … a leveraged buyout … a market fluke caused by the weather ... an unusual currency price fluctuation …

A gap in the normal course of events where a well-placed trade would be able to help you turn pocket change into a pile of money you could sled down in the summer.

My team is constantly watching for golden moments like these.

And when they arrive, they tell me right away, so I can flash out an alert to you.

Complete with the step by step instructions you’ll need to maximize your profits on each trade.

All spelled out in plain English so you can’t goof it up.

This is what it will look like on your computer screen when I send you the key to YOUR FAIR SHARE of this “quadrillion-dollar moneybomb.” (FOR FREE!)

Here’s an example of what one of my alerts basically looks like.

And what its result was...

Chart 1 See?

Simple. Easy to follow.

You can’t mess it up.

And if last year’s performance on placed and closed trades is any indication, 77% of the time working with me, you’re going to end up bagging a major win. As the chart above shows, this trade brought my Extreme Alpha subscribers a 20.45% gain in just four days, for an annualized return of more than 1,866%!

Want some more examples of how we help you come out ahead in a big way?

Let me break down three of my favorite trades from this past year.

Starting with this one...

Chart 2 We were there right on time again with this one. Extreme Alpha subscribers could have booked a 26.75% gain in 23 days, for an annualized return of 424.51%.

And we did even better with this one, just two weeks later:

Chart 3 Right on the money again -- for up to an 89.20% gain in just 64 days, or 508.71% annualized.

I told you my guys were the best!

They even profit from downward market moves like this one:

Chart 4 And remember, these are just a handful of examples.

I already showed you our FULL track record, winners AND losers, so you can be sure I’m not “cherry-picking.”

All told, Extreme Alpha subscribers saw 29 profitable wins in 2016. Where were you?

Extreme Alpha subscribers had the chance to knock down win after win over the past year.

It was a blast. Sorry you weren’t able to join us.

But right now -- for the brief moment it takes for this opportunity to fill up -- you can.

So ask yourself…

Between now and November 20th, what will you be doing?

Sitting on the sidelines, clutching your pennies, and idly hoping that “someday” you’ll win the lottery?

Boy, I hope not!

If you want to hold a winning ticket in your hand, you have to take some action. TODAY.

What’s simpler than letting me tell you - in plain English - the easy steps you need for your best shot at getting filthy, stinking rich?

I’ll start with the full details of the monster H.E.I.S.T. trade that’s ready to go right now.

The name of the investment that unlocks your share of the $2.75 trillion of OUR MONEY that’s currently trapped overseas The exact trade you need to place - date, the strict buy up to price, spread - to get in on the action at an extreme profit multiple. (And remember, you can make this play with as little as $2 - if all goes right, that tiny, tiny investment will turn into more than $6,872.) How you can make this trade is just one minute, forty-seven seconds. If that’s not the fastest way to get rich, I don’t know what is! Exactly when to cash it all in so that you can start living the life of your dreams -- rich as a king and free to say “F-You” to your old job, your old debts, and your old fears of ever running out of cash again. It’s all spelled out in a special Flash-Action Alert I’m calling H.E.I.S.T.: How You Can Front-Run Trump’s “Money Bomb” To Legally Steal A Lifetime Of Wealth.

HEIST And you won’t pay even $2 for it...

Most Americans would sell one of their children for this kind of information. Maybe even their favorite one. But you can get it instantly -- FOR FREE -- with your Extreme Alpha subscription today.

Look, a lifetime of wealth has a certain value, does it not?

That’s why many financial advisors charge tens of thousands of dollars for their secrets.

And although we’re publishers, I’ll be upfront with you here - my insights and the work my team does will not be cheap for you to acquire today.

We’re expensive. Because we deliver the goods.

I’ve talked to you a lot today about a trade I’m convinced will be a HUGE win for you. So convinced, in fact, that I’m backstopping the whole thing with a $1 million guarantee (more on that in a minute).

You think I’d put my impeccable track record plus ONE MILLION DOLLARS in future subscription profits on the line for anything I didn’t believe in?

I’m not stupid.

And neither are you.

So because I respect your intelligence - and your time - I won’t beat around the bush here. A year of insights from the Extreme Alpha team would normally cost you $3,000.

Put even $2 down on the H.E.I.S.T. trade, and you could make that money back multiple times over.

Put $1,000 on the trade, and you could make as much as $3,435,915.

Have we seen anything like that in our Extreme Alpha track record? Hardly- don’t forget that I laid out all our winners and losers for you earlier.

We have not booked a triple digit gain- and nothing near 343,591%.

So we can’t guarantee this type of gain. But we can guarantee that if the information we’re providing today isn’t valuable to you, or falls short of your expectations for ANY reason, that you can claim up to $1 million in subscriber credit.

(That’s 500 times your subscription fee -- and depending how much you invest, that may be more than any potential trading losses. But even if you decide not to invest in this “Moneybomb” play at all… this guarantee still applies to you.)

Heck, I’ll even toss in the grand to get you started today! Here’s what I mean...

Become an Extreme Alpha subscriber today, and I’ll kick you back $1,000 from the subscription cover price you can use to start making money right away.

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Then you can use your $1,000 savings to fund this trade and lock in your first profits.

Or use it toward a new car, vacation, whatever you want. The choice is yours.

And remember, however you decide to spend this discount off our regular subscription fee, it's yours.

Yes, I’m actually staking you TWICE with my OWN money here. (Full details just ahead…)

And if things play out as I expect, that little “gift” from me to you could turn into $3,435,915.

Button (You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final)

Show me how to access the alert that reveals exactly how to make this H.E.I.S.T. trade in less than 2 minutes!

I’ll also lock in my $1,000 “kickstarter” bonus and my $1,000,000 guarantee.


Your H.E.I.S.T. trade is just the beginning. As a paid-up Extreme Alpha subscriber, I’ll help you continue to find crazy profitable trade opportunities -- and show you what to do next after you win

First, the essentials - my top tools for continuous winning trade opportunities to make you rich:

Sweeps Extreme Alpha Alerts (INSTANT ACCESS!): Each week, you’ll get at least one fresh money-making alert - and after the details of H.E.I.S.T. are revealed to you, the next opportunity alert will hit your inbox no later than next Thursday. Remember, these are the recommendations that delivered up to 424.51%, 393.81%, and even 508.71% annualized gains, just in the past few months alone.

Training Center The Extreme Alpha Training Center (INSTANT ACCESS!): Short, easy-to-follow videos that help you learn how to trade with confidence. I’ve made research & trading my entire life -- but you’ve got better things to do with your time. That’s why I made these videos to walk you step-by-step through the techniques that power H.E.I.S.T. and our other recommendations… Even if you’ve never made an investment like this before, you’ll be ready to go in a matter of minutes.

The whole goal here is to support you 24/7 -- as you grow both your knowledge and your bankroll.

That’s an amazing feeling!

Just ask these readers who followed my research team’s advice on a different set of recommendations:

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! Subscriber for a little over a year, with my wife. She’s been jumping for joy. When I got the last notice to buy we pulled out all stops and are up $26k… I can't sleep, I am so excited.

Our account is $180k and growing. I’m 73 and my wife is 65. Trying to get her just go with your recommendations and forget her annuities.

And Cindy T. in Little Rock, Arkansas says:

Louis, I just wanted to say thank you for your well thought-out suggestions. They’ve paid for my subscriptions 30 times over in the space of a couple of months.

You have a fun, well-balanced, and thoughtful approach to sharing information and investment insights with your readers that is nderlined with a real sense of honor, accountability, and integrity.

Out of the many letters we’ve received lately, my favorite might be this one from D. Williams in San Antonio:

One word sums it all up: FANTASTIC! Since hearing all about your recommendation, I'm absolutely ecstatic. I can't sleep at night… seriously!

I started with roughly $18,000 on this investment, and it’s swelled to over $39,000 in just over three months. Needless to say I am very impressed with your service and will remain a loyal customer, Lou. I can't wait to cash in on this trade as I will definitely use the CASH to re-invest in my Golden Years.

But nobody put it shorter & sweeter than Joaquin O. in Pensacola, Florida:

Hello Lou, I'm in delightful shock. I have never done this well before. Thanks a zillion and PLEASE keep 'em coming.

But as much as we’ve made our subscribers so far … which to be perfectly clear is already millions of dollars ...we have created a few new “problems” for them. Problems like:

“Extreme Alpha has made more money for me than anyone else”

But as much as we’ve helped subscribers make so far … which to be perfectly clear could already be millions of dollars ...we have created a few new “problems” for them.

Problems like:

What are you going to do with all that money?

So before your wife and your relatives make their “suggestions” known, you’ll want to take a quick read through this. It’s a fun report I made to show some of the ways you can spend your money if the H.E.I.S.T. trade is as big as I anticipate.

20 Ways To Spend Your First Million: Your Guide To Treating Yourself Right In 2017 (YOURS FREE!)

20 Ways to Spend In this exclusive report just for brand-new Extreme Alpha readers, you’ll discover:

Cars, motorcycles, and boats that will turn heads and stop traffic. Premium vacation destinations -- from luxurious African safaris to European tours to round-the-world cruising. Fine dining … real tailors … the top whiskeys and wines to toast your success … plus much, much more. But being newly rich isn’t all fun and games.

Not when Uncle Sam starts asking for his “fair” share.

That’s why I put together this next report for you today -- detailing some of the best legal loopholes and special tax structures to slash your tax bill.

No trickery, no fraud -- just the same wide-open loopholes rich people all over America are already using to shield their wealth from the government.

Hands Off My Heist: 11 Legal Tricks To Block The IRS From Touching Your Wealth (YOURS FREE!)

Hands Off My Heist Inside this report, you’ll find tax protection tips you can start using right away to protect your H.E.I.S.T. proceeds. Including:

How to think like a corporation, and take advantage of a little-understood backdoor tax cut Trump is planning... by classifying yourself as an LLC Overseas holding companies and bank accounts that won’t get you in trouble (but will save you a boatload on your tax bill) Trusts to keep inheritance taxes at bay and ensure your heirs get to enjoy some of your H.E.I.S.T. success, too Button (You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final)

Show me how to access the alert that reveals exactly how to make this H.E.I.S.T. trade in less than 2 minutes!

I’ll also lock in my $1,000 “kickstarter” bonus and my $1,000,000 guarantee.

Long story short, I want you to keep as much as you can from everything you make.

That’s why I give such specific instructions when it comes to getting in and out of trade recommendations.

Why I’m giving you instant access to my training center and my broker report.

And why I’m assigning you a personal subscription helper from our Extreme Alpha team.

(Most subscribers tell us this is their #1 benefit!)

Waiter Extreme Alpha On-Demand Concierge Service (YOURS FREE!) When you access my team’s research, we make sure that you’re taken care of properly. With a direct line to your personal concierge. (His name is Ben and he’s still sad the Orioles missed the playoffs). No frustrating phone menus telling you to “press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.” No cheesy elevator music. Just Ben, available to you any time you have a questions about your subscription, how to get your trade alerts, your training center videos, or any of the other white glove benefits I’ve mentioned today.

[Keep in mind Ben can’t offer any personalized investing advice. T. But any questions you have about Extreme Alpha he can’t answer himself will be passed along promptly to my researchers to answer. Frequently asked questions will be addressed and published in a future Extreme Alpha alert or issue.]

There’s just one catch to all of this … it’s not for everyone.

I can only extend all these bonuses to the first 750 people who become Extreme Alpha subscribers today.

Button (You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final)

Show me how to access the alert that reveals exactly how to make this H.E.I.S.T. trade in less than 2 minutes!

I’ll also lock in my $1,000 “kickstarter” bonus and my $1,000,000 guarantee.

And when you’re one of the first 750 people to click that order button and become a subscriber, you also put your subscription costs under my protection. (And then some.)

That’s right - I’m talking about the ultimate subscriber benefit - something you just won’t find anywhere else...

My $1 MILLION Guarantee: You WILL see this trade skyrocket!

All throughout this letter, I’ve been promising to cover your subscription -- 500 times over in fact. Now, it’s time to talk about the details of what that means for your bottom line (and mine).

So to show you just how serious I am about the potential of the H.E.I.S.T. trade, not only am I providing you with a savings of $1,000 that you could use to make as much as $3,435,915 on this trade, I’m also providing a legally enforceable guarantee that you’ll see this recommendation win… or you’ll get $1 million in subscriber credits!!

$1 Million Trade Guarantee

This guarantee contract is between Robert Williams, Founder & Publisher of Extreme Alpha [hereafter ‘Publisher’] and you as an Extreme Alpha subscriber [hereafter ‘Subscriber’].

WHEREAS Publisher believes in the potential of the H.E.I.S.T. trade 100%, and

WHEREAS Publisher’s track record of results has been a 69%-plus success rate for closed trade recommendations over the life of Extreme Alpha, and a 77% success rate for recommendations entered and closed in 2016, and

WHEREAS Publisher is willing to put aforementioned track record on the line along with significant financial consideration, therefore:

Publisher agrees to “backstop” the Extreme Alpha subscription costs. The total backstop shall be limited to no more than one million dollars’ worth of subscription credits, and will only be “paid out” to Subscribers who call the Member Services team between 9am, Friday November 17th, 2017 and 5pm, Monday November 27th, 2017, and if all the following criteria are met:

The HEIST trade Publisher is recommending today is showing a loss (negative gains), or has been closed out for a loss, in Extreme Alpha’s published track record at or by close of market hours on Monday November 27th, 2017; Subscriber is one of the first 750 people to become an Extreme Alpha subscriber today ; At the time of claiming any credits promised by the guarantee, Subscriber must hold a fully paid-up subscription with the Extreme Alpha service; and Backstop for subscription costs will be paid by Publisher in the form of additional subscription credits, which Subscriber may use with Extreme Alpha or be applied toward any other services or products published by Publisher. Confidentiality Clause: Subscriber agrees not to disclose the details of Publisher’s recommended trade or trade guarantee prior to November 27th, 2017.

___________________________[YOUR NAME HERE /Date]

____________Robert Williams ______

It’s a bold guarantee.

And I’ve already taken some heat about it from my colleagues in the industry.

They think I’m putting too much on the line. That I’m taking a step too far in backstopping this subscription for you up to 500 times the fee you’ll pay.

Maybe that’s true.

Then again, other publishers don’t have the team that I have. (And if they don’t trust their own guys, why should you?)

I have faith in my analysts. I have faith in their research. Plus, I’ve checked and double-checked their numbers.

The potential here is HUGE … and I don’t want you to miss out.

But there are limits.

I’m only offering this incredible guarantee to the first 750 people who take me up on this today.

And as red-hot as this opportunity is, I wouldn’t be surprised if I fill that quota by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.

That means you’re already in a hurry to get going and get the details of this trade.

We want to get you the details of the H.E.I.S.T. trade ASAP, too.

Button (You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final)

Show me how to access the alert that reveals exactly how to make this H.E.I.S.T. trade in less than 2 minutes!

I’ll also lock in my $1,000 “kickstarter” bonus and my $1,000,000 guarantee.

Are you ready to be a winner this time? Remember, I’m 100% sure ANYONE who takes advantage of this trade today could earn EXTREME PROFITS.

This -- right now, today -- is your big chance.

Your opportunity to be a financial winner and make a dream-come-true trade of EXTRAORDINARY size.

Miss this H.E.I.S.T. trade and you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

(Especially any time you reach for your wallet and wish there was more in there).

You could set yourself up to turn $2 into $6,872 with the click of a button.

Turn $292 into $1,000,000.

Or even turn $1,000 into $3,435,915 if this goes right.

So don’t miss out.

Don’t live with those regrets.

Click the button below to become an Extreme Alpha subscriber today.

It’s your financial future on the line… let’s do this!

Button (You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final)

Show me how to access the alert that reveals exactly how to make this H.E.I.S.T. trade in less than 2 minutes!

I’ll also lock in my $1,000 “kickstarter” bonus and my $1,000,000 guarantee.

Here’s to our successful H.E.I.S.T!

Rob 2Signature Robert Williams Founder & Publisher, Extreme Alpha October 2017


Remember, Donald Trump’s Money Bomb is set to explode by tax day on November 20th. If you haven’t claimed your share of this $11.7 quadrillion trading event by then, you’ll miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.

So if you want the chance at life-changing profits, it’s imperative you act now to lock in potential gains of up to 343,591%.

You could be 1 minute and 47 seconds away from NEVER worrying about money again.

I want to make sure you can get all of this information quickly. So if you’re one of the first 750 people to become a new Extreme Alpha subscriber today, I’ll backstop your subscription costs with up to ONE MILLION DOLLARS in subscription value. And I’ll also knock $1,000 off what you pay, which will give you a “kickstarter” you could use to help you make your move today. Just click the green button now to review & decide if you want to sign up...

Button (You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final)

Show me how to access the alert that reveals exactly how to make this H.E.I.S.T. trade in less than 2 minutes!

I’ll also lock in my $1,000 “kickstarter” bonus and my $1,000,000 guarantee.

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