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Getting started

To get started provide your full (professional) name when creating your log-in, and once you have your password and you are logged in your name will appear at the top of the wiki page. Click your name to get to your User:Name page. You can post a reader-friendly bio of 300-500 words at your User:Name page and/or your Name page. User:Douglas R. White and UCLA's Dario Nardi provide two examples of what a bio might look like. For any new page you can type into the edit window and click |Save page| at the bottom window. Click the |edit| tab at the top of the page to edit an existing page.

Spellchecker and cautions in editing

Quick editing overview. Use a recent version of Mozilla Firefox or install ieSpell for IE when editing which has a spell checker for your text. Help for math commands are at http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Formula. More Instructions on Editing - careful not to lose your work when using Show Preview. Has happened to me a few times. With most wikis you have a Show Preview, you test a link, you come back. With this one you don't come back, you lose your work. So -- Save Page -- before testing your links, and Save Page frequently or write your text in your word processor, past, markup, and Save. P.s. you can check if a link works within a page but that's all.---Doug 12:39, 21 June 2007 (PDT)

Examples of pages and index categories

Try going to one of these example bios and then click Edit and copy the Category links to the top on your page, edited for each category give a project, a discipline, an interdisciplinary field in which you want to participate. Go to the InterSci Authors page and add your name and other nominees to the list, then save, and yours and some others names will appear in red. Clicking anything in red will give you the opportunity to create a page under that category, e.g., a web page for your projects and interests. Create categories for these and soon we will all be cross-indexed in the overlapping fish-scale model of interdisciplinarity. For a model of how this type of intersection lattice works, see the PhD thesis by Camille Roth at our eJournal site, Structure and Dynamics. Once you have your public bio page under your name you may want to click your username as it appears at the top of the page and create a semi-private page, not that others cant see it, but here you can post a briefer and friendlier bio and also post notes, reminders and current topics to yourself. There are also discussion pages about articles that open talks between contributors to the same page. Wikiversity also has instructions on making a user page and an introduction to editing.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Go to Category:InterSci Authors below to make your website page (then click on your name in red, the fill in your text):


THIS IS NOT AN ENCYCLOPEDIA and its aim is to help define research problems, refine questions, define problems in ways that lend to solutions, and present problems we are addressing and confronting in our research, what means are available, how we can share data, methods and software to go after the problems we are researching. Instead of phrasing your bio or web page in terms of your accomplishments you might try presenting the topics you are researching and how you are researching them, or have researched them in the past, what kinds of new approaches you are looking for, new ways of collecting data. Research summaries are fine, precis of relevant books and abstracts, but goal is teaching, learning, discussion, more of an open seminar format.

Setting up your own MediaWiki?

Setting up your own MediaWiki? explains how to create a wiki like this one

Want a simple collaboration site?: Try http://sites.google.com/ Doug White 12:00, 1 March 2008 (PST) FAQ https://www.google.com/a/cpanel/uci.edu/Dashboard


Project on Integration with WordPress RSS, SimplePie, del.icio.us?

Collaborative media

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