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See item 4. at drw software. 1980. REGGE: Regular Graph Equivalence and REGDI: Regular Graph Equivalence. Algorithm for Relational Blockmodeling of Social Networks, FORTRAN program for the IBM PC. Completed under 1976-1980 NSF grant "Network Analysis of Compadrazgo and Multiple Role Systems in Rural Tlaxcala," with Lee Sailer, Research Assistant, L. Brudner and H. Nutini, co-PIs. Regge is now implemented in the original version in NetMiner A fortran compiler may be downloaded from MinGW, a site identified by Alex Ziberna in investigating variants of the rege programs. (Thanks, Ales!)

[ is the original 1987 Cray Fortran used for David Smith & Douglas R. White. 1992. Structure and Dynamics of the Global Economy: Network Analysis of International Trade 1965-1980. Social Forces 70(4):857-894.

  1. 1988 Douglas R. White, David A. Smith. Interview: Large-Scale Network of World Economy: Social scientists use the CRAY. Science at the San Diego Supercomputer Center 1987: 27-28.