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Ken Hackworth‎‎ --

Fall 2017 class

Yes, the web is working now. The students will start their work since (in?) September. (2016??)

发件人: "Doug White" <>
发送时间: 2017年6月25日 星期日
收件人: "Ren Feng" <>
are your students able to use
along with maps at the bottom?
-- yes:
Doug White UCI

Yes,it works now. Hope it goes well in fall. Is CoSSci working for you (i.e. ready for fall 2017) ?


(Feb) Doug: I just got back from the spring festival vacation, and everything is going well to me. The class will start from 1st Sept 2017, so the teaching plan won't be affected by the allocation time gap.

btw, I recived a email from Wiley press, it reminds me there would be a email ask me to fulfill a agreement. So what shall I do when it come? (DW: sign)

best, Ren Feng

Fall 2016 class - past March 15th?

I have two compulsory courses in the spring term of 2017, so I'm going to teach this class in September 2017. DRW???

Fall 2015 class

The preparation of our class for next term will start on August 2016, I'll be available later then for discussing about the whole teaching plan and the Wiley book chapter.

time zones for calls -

  • 6:00PM Pacific is 8:00 AM Xiamen
  • 6:00AM Pacific is 8:00 PM Xiamen ** you can call me anytime after 6:00PM Pacific (e.g. Pacific time 5-8 AM 10:00AM is midnite there
  • 011 86 180 4621 5092 (replace with 5096 for local call, thats the Xiamen code) IP card - Comments77

Preceeded by four previous courses --- June 3 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 9.23.56 AM.png right|300px [[1]] Comments 324

Doug: The class is finished without a hitch. Finally, 150 out of 200 students handed in their slides, the Completion rate is almost 75%. and the teaching plan next semester is arranged, as so far over 100 students signed in the class.

the student name you mentioned is Jianmin Lin.

I'll select some outstdaning slides and sent to you as zip file later.


Ren Feng

Comments254 Zhang Ping Comments34 -- Xiamen University - English

User:Feng Ren - Chapter 1,4,5,7 Cultural anthropology. Huixiang Lin, Commercial Press,1991

CoSSci Course 2013-2015

Name of Course: Advances in Sociology
Aug 12 2015 - Jan 2016
  • It's so great to hear you and Lilyan may visit Xiamen. And another great news is as so far the fall class has been choosen by more 200 students from two campus. Even the number is still fluctuant, cause there will be more optional classes for students to choose gradually, I guess the final number would not be less than 150. I have fixed this class on my teaching plan.
  • To be honest, I didn't read the paper thoughtfully, So no comments can be provided. My schedule is packed recently by both acdemic and familly affairs. I'll get in later. And please put "Feng Ren" as the author name and the abbreviation of Xiamen University is XMU.
  • btw, my wedding is on 29th this month, I'll sent you some pictures later then.


Ren Feng

Ren Feng -任锋

Finished the dissertation at Wikipedia:Xi'an Jiaotong University in fall 2013, job at Xiamen University, Fujian province (Amoy=Xiamen). Google map. Xiamen University is located in Xiamen City, Fukien Province in South China, close to Taiwan. I will go to Xiamen when I get the PhD degree certificate. It's supposed to be November this year (2013). Now I'm conducting a survey about aging in the rural area of Anhui Province.

RenFengSml.png File:RenFengLrg.png

The joint class 2013

Hi Doug: The class will begin on 15th Sep. and lasts for 15 weeks. I don't know how many students signed in yet. It should be no less than 30. I will let you know what I need later.


Ren Feng

  • The class starts September 15 to December 2013. (The chair of my department wants me to instruct one more class instead of him in March-July 2013.)

International calls That's great! My cell phone number is 18681878555, Xiaoyi's is 18629029699.

Push line  Pingo -too expensive!

The Fall 2013 course -

We now have easy-to-use variable entry on a UCI machine. After simply entering variable numbers: the dependent variable a few independent variables one or more unrestricted variables i.e., this part of the course is extremely easy for students to do

it takes 2 minutes to run. It returns results and a list of additional variables "totry" that taken one-by-one are also predictors but not necessarily all at one. The students then have to figure out their strategy to improve their model in a series of steps, maybe a dozen iterations to get a final model where "totry" (or "didwell" feedback give no further improvements. As each iteration takes 2 minutes to run and then time to look at results in the *.csv output each time that means: a reasonable amount of work and the intellectual task of learning to read and use the ten pieces of output in the *.csv, saving each step as a names *.xls. With written instructions and an instructor this is then a very useful series of exercises to develop a single completed model in a few weeks time followed by writing a paper on the topic chosen with the dependent variables, some literature review, and the results of the analysis.

As for the computer model, that result is simply 1) what variables were used in the final model 2) what *.csv output was produced with an *.xls market-up copy to show how the student arranged the results to test whether this was a statistically good model (Hausman tests, significance, Rsq etc) as reported in their paper. Then 3) did they do this correctly and write it up thoughtfully.

It is easy for the instructor to check whether 1) produces 2) and so no cheating is possible whereas 3) the grading can be done on the paper and whether 1&2 were done correctly so as to create a statistically valid model. Hence each student has a clear route to a good paper by simply understanding and completing the task and writing a good, thoughtful paper.


Jin Xiaoyi, Ren Feng and Yue Zhongshan. 2008. Rural Migrant Worker's Attitudes Towards Pre-marital and Extramarital Sexual Behaviors: A study of Social Networks. Population Research.

  • Jin Xiaoyi is Professor, Institute of Population and Development Studies, School of Public Policy and Management, Xi'an Jiaotong University; Ren Feng and Yue Zhongshan are PhD Students, School of Public Policy and Management, Xi'an Jiaotong University.

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