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Agent Based Simulation

 Adam Smith's 'Invisible hand' revisited
 Emergence of Political Parties
 Emergent Durkheimian Sociality
 Evolution of Technology within a Simple Computer Model 
 Foraging Behavior of Contemporary Criminals
 Long Term Policy Analysis for Social and Organizational Complex Systems
 Simulation of Lake Titicaca Basin settlement patterns circa 2500 BC - AD 1000  

Artificial Intelligence

 Symbol Grounding
 Causal Inference and Settable Systems

Automated computational analysis

 Archaeology and Galois lattices
 Epistemic Epistemology and Galois lattices
 Relational Structures of Words, Entities, Topics, and Documents using Statistical Topic Models
 Relational Structures of Intrasocietal Linkages


 Artificial Intelligence
 Extending Econometrics
 Explaining Corporate Governance Systems

Complex networks

 Internet topology
 Blockmodeling network role structure
 Network ethnography of Islamic nomads
 Proteomics: Protein-Protein Interaction Networks

Complexity sciences

 Complex Systems Approaches Across Disciplines
 Emergence, Evolution, and Dissemination in University Histories  

Evolutionary complexity

 Agency and Heterarchic Complexity in the Andean Diaspora
 Evolutionary Models of Color Categorization Based on Discrimination
 Musical complexity

Evolutionary game theory

 Organizational behavior in entrepreneurial networks

Experimental economics

 Co-Evolution of Pro-Social Norms and the Market


Historical Dynamics

 Civilizations as dynamic networks
 Clan politics in State building
 Historial urban system oscillations
 World trade networks

Human Culture

 Evolutionary inferences from the Standard Sample
 Evolution of cultural kinship
 Structural endogamy
 Variation in Human Cultural Practices

Molecular Anthropology

 Human mitochondrial genetics
 Human migration
 Molecular and Mitochondrial. Medicine and Genetics (MAMMAG)

Parameter Based Simulation

 Feedback networks
 MLE for Nonextensive systems


 Biotechnology collaborative networks
 Role and blockmodels of trade networks
 Chinese urban migrant networks
 Network ethnography of the Bloomsbury Group
 Predictive structural cohesion
 Power in Social Networks
 Production chains
 Supreme Court Networks of Precedents

Research Tools