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[1] The Evolution of Urban Society: Early Mesopotamia and Prehispanic Mexico

As an anthropologist and archaeologist, Robert McCormick Adams (d. 2017 had a wide-ranging career spanning many fields. Geographically, his interests have involved extensive fieldwork in the Middle East, but have also included Mexico. With a broadly interdisciplinary approach, he has studied the course of development of urban civilizations over many millennia, and he has also dealt with the history of technology. Partly as an outgrowth of decades of experience in Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia, he has until recently been involved in studies of multiethnic violence under the joint sponsorship of our National Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

After an academic career at the University of Chicago culminating as its provost, he went to Washington in 1984 as the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. There he played a central part in the establishment of the National Museum of the American Indian and the planning for its program and facilities. Its new and very distinctive building will finally open on the Mall below the U.S. Capitol in September 2004. Retiring in 1994, He now continues his research at the University of California, San Diego.

With three daughters and grandchildren, Bob also maintains a home near Basalt in western Colorado. Bob's wife, Ruth, died in February 2005 after having been editor of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and then Founding Director of International programs at the MacArthur Foundation.

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