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Social scientists and students use the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample to understand how human behavior, beliefs, and culture are affected by context and causality. To write research papers using the basic research tools of comparison -- statistics, graphics, and mapping -- included in the Spss software, both the software and the SCCS2020wMapCoord.sav SPSS datafile are installed on each of the three computers at the Langston Library ILC. A library URL with the codebook and Standard Cross-Cultural Sample links will provide the information needed by students to use the database with Spss. The data and codebook are in the public domain.

See SCCS ethnographic bibliography and SCCS case study societies - books in UCI library

The Multimedia Resource Center has installed the Spss data files for the SCCS (Langston Library 123 across from the reference desk).

Jeff Schneidewind manages the Interactive Learning Center -- phone number 949-824-4976 -- at the UC Irvine Libraries. P.O. Box 19557 Irvine, CA 92713 (949) 824-7099. The Spss file is not located there but he can help contact other interactive data centers in the UC system.