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The SCCS Focused Ethnographic Bibliography- SCCSbib.htm for the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample, Douglas R. White, 1996, World Cultures 2(1):1-126, lists sources used in coding variables for the 186 societies in the SCCS. The codebook was originally published as Focused Ethnographic Bibliography: Standard Cross-Cultural Sample by Douglas R. White, 1969, in Cross-Cultural Research 23(1-4): 1-145 (DOI: 10.1177/106939718902300102).

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<Human Social Complexity and World Cultures>, a social science writing class, UC Irvine, School of Social Science. If you are a student, please scan through the pdf using the find command for "SCCS#" until you find one or more of the 186 cases to be of interest and look for sources under "1. Principal Authority(ies)" that aren't checked out from the library. You might take the call numbers for several such ethnographies (and different societies) to the <library> to check out which might be of the most interest to you for your essay. PLEASE ADD STUDENT COMMENTS here followed by ~~~~ for your user name or IP and feel free to login to this wiki, in which case you many freely edit pages and leave comments on pages, create your own pages, you bio, your more private "User:Your ID Name" page with favorite links, etc. (to create this page just click your user name on the upper left and follow the instructions). ~~~~Doug White 08:23, 8 September 2007 (PDT)

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