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Download SCCS files - GIS maps for the variables can be accessed in FIREFOX MOZILLA, GOOGLE CHROME ETC NOT I-EXPLORER.

IMPORTANT: When doing a search in Mozilla Firefox (but not IExplorer), the search word is case sensitive, e.g., when searching for infanticide, also search for Infanticide (capitalized: first letter only). It is therefore advisable to use IExplorer for codebook searchers.

Each variable in the codebook has a number and label, and the number of the 186 societies is given on the left for each code, including missing data.

TAKE CARE WITH CROSS-TABS and FACTORS that the variable forms a meaningful order, and check to see how the variable label applies to high versus low codes. Sixty or more variables were marked "(VAR LABEL REVERSED)" and refindments of the variable names have been made in the codebook. But unless you have this new Spss*.sav file corrected VARIABLE LABELS for "VAR LABEL REVERSED" from 08:32, 27 October 2007 (PDT)
this spss file is set up for making maps, and has many of the factors constructed in 174AW 2007
in some cases you may still have to reverse the interpretation to name of your variable consistent with high code values
in 300+ cases *marked (codes not ordered)" you should RECODE to get ordered categories before doing cross-tabs, correlations or factor analsyis
sometimes you need to recode certain categories to "." or missing data.
Codes marked "." are automatically treated as missing data by Spss, but if 99 or 88 = missing data or 0 = missing, these values have to be recoded by Spss command /Transform/Recode (specify the variables to recode and the value(s) to recode as "."
you can also recode to make categories into a meaninful order or binary distinction