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Standard Cross-Cultural Sample


All these materials are in the public domain under the Creative Commons license, free for noncommercial use, use with citation. has the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample: on-line edition George P. Murdock, Douglas R. White, an electronically updated publication (2008) on an article originally published in 1969 in Ethnology 8:329-369. The SCCS Focused Ethnographic Bibliography for the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample, Douglas R. White, 1996, World Cultures 2(1):1-126, lists sources used in coding variables for the 186 societies in the SCCS. The Standard Cross-Cultural Codes, Cumulatively edited by Douglas R. White, Michael Burton, William Divale, Patrick Gray, Andrey Korotayev, and Daria Khalturina <SCCS variable codebook> has all the SCCS variables coded by scores of different studies by cross-cultural researchers who have read the SCCS ethnographies and coded specified variables for their research topics. The List of Variable Names was added in October 2008, and the printed version is about 30 pages. The Standard Cross-Cultural Coded Data File, cumulatively edited by Douglas R. White, William Divale, and Patrick Gray, is the Spss files that provides all 2020+ variables coded by multiple authors for the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample (SCCS). is a wiki site that provides additional data on the SCCS.

Doug White

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