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The SAR call numbers will enable researchers to find books to do new coding for the SCCS: perhaps as early as next year Doug White's research team will begin to come down from SFI to augment our database. There is now a remote-teaching site at that allows the 2000+ variables to be accessed and our new software to be used. This month I teach remotely and collaboratively with 26 students and 3 instructors at Xi'an Jiaotung University, the first pilot. The downloads site is not streamlined as yet but works for both PCs and Macs, and each student will do a project with a focus on a different project with a core variable and many other variables as predictors. These evolve eventually into attempts at evolutionary, causal and sociohistorical analysis. Although 50+ projects have already contributed codes to the SCCS, as these new forms of research and access to SCCS variables grow (beyond the current 1000+ published books and articles) there will be more interest in places like our SAR collection where the textual research can be done. If we eventually have the call numbers for other SCCS ethnographies at SAR that will be even more useful. The nature of this kind of research is also changing, as will be evident in this year's crop of our research papers, our new grant proposals, and SFI working group meetings.