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Invited speaker Social Science History Association Nov 12-15, 2009 Long Beach.

  • Christopher Chase-Dunn is orgnizing a session for the social science history meetings in long beach november 12-15 on synchrony. .
  • Title: Synchrony in History (Paper session -- Complete)
  • Time:*Sunday, November 15: 10:15 AM-12:15 PM *Status:* approved for program *Primary Network:* Macro-Historical Dynamics
  • Other Networks:* Historical Geography, States and Society


Later version Old world city systems and economic networks 950-1950: How the growth and decline of cities and the rise and fall of city-size hierarchies is related to the network structure of intercity connections. November 20 2009 talk, Social Dynamics and Complexity, ASU.
  • turchin peter /synchrony and networks in state formation/ about the rise and fall of states and how there network interconnections may bring rise and fall sequences into synchrony
  • hiroko inoue. /east asian synchrony/ ( an investigation of population and polity cycles in japan and china
  • richard niemeyer ( - about the theory of panarchy and how the structure of network connections sometimes leads to synchronous cycles of rise and demise

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