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Is there a possibility of an electronic Society for Social Science Complexity (SSSCe)?

Jeannette-Marie Mageo Child development, psychoantro,
Feb 2016 SCCR -  Email to Prof. Pamela Schulze
Comparative Social Science - CoSSci Workshop or Panel in Portland
Douglas R. White, Ph.D. With DEf Comparative Social Science (CoSSci) methods: What affects the "Societal valuation" of Girls and Boys? 
V473-456 - V473-5 -V474-6 (Eff and Dow 2009) 
Pamela A. Schulze <>, Ph.D. Professor, Child and Family Development, Director, Center for Family Studies
School of Family and Consumer Sciences   University of Akron
I’m interested! I’m doing a study of parents’ beliefs and practices wrt infant sleep arrangements incl par-infant co-sleeping. That has implications for physical and socioemotional development. If you’re still looking for panel members, let me know. Thanks.
Suzanne Frayser Sexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspectives (SCSS)
Eleanor Wynn Cross-Cultural (SCCS) Analysis of Reincarnation

Dear Dr. White,

Thank you for your email. The session is still taking shape but I'm thrilled that people are interested in participating! I'm going to get in touch with Bonnie Hewlett today about max number of participants but would be very much interested in including your research. I'll be in touch soon.

Thanks again!

Courtney Helfrecht

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Subject: 	Re: Re: RE: Society for Cross Cultural Research conference
Date: 	Mon, 20 Jul 2015 10:36:56 -0700
From: 	Courtney Helfrecht <>
To: 	Doug White <>

My apologies - I read your email too quickly. I think we must have sent out similar calls for session participants? But I'd be more than happy to work together! I've received a pretty diverse range of responses... You've already seen Pamela's but here are the others:

Diane Grinnell

-children vs teacher group identities

Pamela Schulze

-parents’ beliefs and practices on sleep arrangements

Jeannette Mageo

-psychological development

Manuel Sedo

-cross-cultural measures of speed/cognitive development

My dissertation research focuses on how stress affects the timing of middle childhood development, both culturally and biologically, among the Sidama agropastoralists of Ethiopia. It should be complete this fall and I'm hoping to present a component of that for this meeting. I'm also in the process of writing an article on the use of hair hormone analysis in life history studies, which is a component of my diss and which I hope to have submitted prior to Portland, so that's the direction I'm currently leaning. At any rate, thanks for getting in touch and I look forward to hearing from you.