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Lou 14 Jan 2014 Country: United States Yesterday a phone # 1-855-763-0456 called and said they were from Premium Tech Support and wanted an ok to let them into my Internet system, I refused (they had me type in and my computer screen said not to do this), I didn't. Now this morn at aprox 8:30 I had a call from 267-354-8119 claiming they were from Premium Tech Support, I hung up and they called back and I told them to stop bothering me and I hung up again. How do they get your phone # and email address? BEWARE!!!

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Nancy 18 Feb 2014 | 6 replies I received one call yesterday (Caller ID = RESTRICTED) and one call today (Caller ID = UNAVAILABLE). I told them "I'm on to you, I don't need your help, don't call me again". We'll see what happens next. Both had accents which I would give an uneducated guess are from Africa. Reply!

terry crostic replies to Nancy 7 Aug 2016 | 1 reply They are in India. Reply!

Adam replies to terry crostic 3 Nov 2017 They are from pakistan Reply!

Renee replies to Nancy 6 Jun 2017 | 1 reply This happened to me and they took 6300 dollars from my account. I'm about to go to the cops to report them so this does not happen to anyone else. I got the money back and my bank account frozen, but yes they are a huge scam! Reply!

Kb replies to Renee 8 Jun 2017 How were they able to get 6300 dollars out of your account? Just curious, did you pay them for their bogus service? Reply! donita replies to Nancy 11 Jun 2017 I also got scam 1 855 329 3734 Advised apple but still getting calls. Don't answer these people Reply! +1 CONCERNED replies to Nancy 23 Jul 2017 THEY ARE ALSO CALLING USING APPLE INC BEWARE IT IS A SCAM Reply!

Jackie P 22 Apr 2014 | 7 replies My husband actually fell for this and they were given access to my computer. Now, they call relentlessly. I have told them at least 25 times now NOT to call anymore and filled out a report....... What can I do about this? HELP!! Reply!

David replies to Jackie P 26 May 2014 Go to National Trade Commission website and register an official complaint. They can investigate and refer to law enforcement. Will at least keep them from calling you. They will probably just get new number and continue to call others. Reply!

KH replies to Jackie P 13 Sep 2016 I fell for it too. I can't even use my laptop right now. They clearly did something. After you husband gave them access did you have problems with the computer after? Reply!

Terry C. replies to Jackie P 17 Dec 2016 I fell for their scam 3 years ago. They messed up my computer big time. I cancelled the paid for services, but they are still calling many times a week in 2016. They will not listen to my demands to be taken out of their computer call lists. Reply!

D B replies to Jackie P 18 Jan 2017 | 2 replies Sadly, I feel for it too on our business computer. They hacked into our system, and almost wiped out my computer. 1-877-762-8049 is their number and they are totally bogus Reply!

Ricky replies to D B 3 Mar 2017 | 1 reply I fell for it yesterday trying to install a printer driver on my computer. I gave them acess to my computer and got a bad vibe about everything after I gave them my credit card information. Since then, I had to shut down all my accounts. Reply!

Annie replies to Ricky 12 Jun 2017 I was trying to fix my Canon printer and I did not read that it was an "offer" so I pressed accept - Just wanted to fix it and Canon was NO help. So it pops up all the time. I scrubbed "Applications" of it; then emptied my trash - But still there4. I called them twice but they wanted to take control of my computer + NEVER! I used Quit - Forced Quit on my Apple - Maybe better now. Any ideas? Reply!

Kb replies to Jackie P 8 Jun 2017 Did you have problems with your computer afterwards? I know someone that this happened to and now he won't go on his computer. Reply!

Steve 13 Aug 2014 | 3 replies I've got this pop up on my computer that says my computer has as virus and that I should call 855 763 0456 for tech support to get rid of the virus. The only way I can get rid of the pop up is to restart. WTH??!! Reply!

Elaine replies to Steve 22 Jun 2015 | 1 reply I had the same thing happen but restarting did not get rid of the pop up. I called their number and even gave them access to my computer. I got a bad vibe and terminated the conversation. Where do I file a complaint - the FCC? Reply!

mioke replies to Elaine 1 Dec 2016 it will do you NO good to file with FCC or any one else no help from no one .I have tryed Reply!

SR replies to Steve 21 Sep 2015 Hi I just had this as well, what was your end result? Reply!

spoke 23 Aug 2014 Much of this kind of CRAP is connected to what looks (appears to be) a good download from some site claiming to be abode or flash player or many others. when a popup say you need to up date something BEWARE of link can be many different things, many put it like you have some problem & will fix it for a price. if yoy talk to them by phone advise that you have a computer tech & that they will check out any possible problem. ITS another SCAM S,CAM, never let them into you computer unless you know exactly what company you are dealing with; much much FRAUD now days. Reply! 1234567Next