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Jeff - could I pay you guys to look into how to convert our

Shockwave (swf) Streaming video for Zeev Maoz, Prof, Political Science, UC Davis October 30th 2009 in the UCSD recording on your web site.

to a format where I can change the start time? Its the only one where this is needed, but it cant be done by adding a time code to the swf file. Thanks.

Shockwave SWF files are a problem: Shockwave files (swf) can contain video and audio as well as static and animated images. However, to use the audio or video it needs to be extracted first. Here's one fairly simple method that uses 2 freeware Windows apps. A solution

The Solution


It depends on the format your video is in. I am assuming what you want to do is be able to embed an offset in the html object invocation that starts the video at some fixed offset into the video.

If these are self contained swf videos, then there doesn't seem to be a solution I have found. You would have to extract the video into flv or mp4 (H264) format. there are a number of free and commerical programs that will do this. google: extract flv from swf.

If in flv use either rtmp (adobe's flash media server or red5 open source server - a real bear to set up but does work) or http-psuedo streaming (at the server side for which there are several solutions). JW player accepts a parameter (flash variable) for seconds offset that will work with either of these. JW player can also play swf files, but cannot apply a time offset to swf.

I have been grappling with this as I want to change videogrok (see to be an online tool for collaborative markup of video - when I first wrote it 17 years ago Quicktime was the only thing that worked for random access to video and worked in LPA prolog, then came java for quicktime a few years later so shifted to java. Now looking a bit long in the tooth once again.

I may end up going with java with vlc bindings (which can play flv video) on the server side.

Some of these issues are discussed briefly at:

We can discuss what you want to do in greater detail as your specific application we may be able to do something about.


The problem

Flash searchabiity For complex sites that have a finite number of entry points, you can highlight the specific URLs to a search spider using techniques such as site map XML files. Even for sites that use a single SWF, you can create multiple HTML files that provide different variables to the SWF and start your application at the correct subsection. By creating multiple entry points, you can get the benefits of a site that is indexed as a suite of pages but still only need to manage one copy of your application. For more information on deep-linking best practices, visit