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2017 Joe

Dear Doug, (April 12)

  • Thank you for your email. I’m happy to see that the work is in good shape and coming along nicely.
  • I am confirming receipt of the 37 or so chapters, however, the submittal of the manuscript will be of most interest to your project editor.
  • Silvy is now on maternity leave following the birth of her child, and her titles have been passed over to Catherine Joseph, another very capable project editor, who I have CC’d into this email. She will now be your primary point of contact until the work is in production.
  • Please accept my apologise if you were never introduced to Catherine.
  • With all best wishes,
  • Joe

SilvyList 2016

Dear Doug,
These 34 chapters in the first instance are to be seen by the Project Editor, Silvy.
With all best wishes,
does 09 still need updating?
  • Silvy Achankunju maternity leave --> Catherine Nancy Joseph
  • I'll be away from mid-thursday to March 15 (Wed) 2017 -- Could you please confirm that whether any changes are there in any chapter except Ch 01, 09 & 34 which you have sent on 02nd March, 2017? If there is no changes, kindly don’t send the chapters again as it creates confusion.

Also, I would like to remind you that from now on Catherine Nancy Joseph (copied in to Catherine Joseph) will be taking care of your titles and so kindly send emails to her regarding your project. March 8th -- (to Scott's)

  • Silvy: 2017 dropbox - Could you please let me know whether you have checked the drop box link which I have sent to check we are working on the same final versions of chapter?
  • March 2017 - Dear Dr. White,
Hope you are doing good.
I am Catherine Joseph and I will be handing your project henceforth since Silvy has taken her maternity off.  
Please feel free to contact me if there are any queries I can help you with.
Many thanks,
Ms. Catherine Joseph
Project Editor
Knowledge and learning
Tel: 91 (0)44 4392 8300 Extn: 647